Frequently Asked Questions
What operating system does Practice-Web Dental work on?

Currently, Practice-Web is designed to work with Windows 7, 8.1, 10, Windows Server 2008, 2012 and higher. Windows XP support was discontinued by Microsoft in 2014.

What does "free" really mean?

The word free refers more to freedom of use, freedom to distribute, and freedom to produce rather than price. Free Dental is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL), the standard open source license. This license ensures that the software will always remain free and you will never be restricted from using it. A long explanation of the meaning of free is available at www.gnu.org. The GPL requires that the database structure and source code be available and may be freely modified, copied, and distributed (as long as the copyright notice and license remains attached). The GPL license does permit and encourage charging for distribution and support. However, the end-user doses not have to pay the distribution fee or pay for support to use the software. You are free to obtain a copy of Free Dental from a friend or associate and you are completely in your rights to use it, however, ADA codes and ADA 2012 claim form are only available with paid support. Additionally, you can also have an unlimited number of copies running on computers at your office or any number of offices without any licensing restrictions.

What are the distribution and support fees?

Although Practice-Web Dental source code is free; we charge a distribution fee and a fee for support & upgrades. The total fee of $1895.00 includes 120 minutes of web-based one-on-one training, video tutorial, 12 months toll-free telephone support and upgrades. You may pay in installments of $149/mon for first 6 or 12 months. Paid support includes unlimited telephone support during 8 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday plus free upgrades. The annual support fee with upgrades after 12 months is $1188 ($1095 prepaid). Additional training is available at $85.00 per hour over the telephone or on-site training costs $1500 per 8-hr day plus travel, meals and hotel expenses.

Can I get PW Dental without paying the distribution fee?

Yes, if you know someone that already has Practice-Web Dental software, you are within your rights to obtain a copy from them and to use it in your office except the ADA codes and ADA claim form which are available with paid support due to ADA copyright requirements. However, if you receive Practice-Web software from us a distribution fee with support will be charged. Please note that we will always provide the software with latest enhancements.

If I received PW Dental from a friend can I still get support from you?

Absolutely, if you received Practice-Web software from a friend and find that you now need support, you are assured that we are always available to provide support provided you are on current version. The cost of each upgrade version is $549. Toll-free telephone support is available at $109 per month or at a discounted fee ($1175) for 12 months if paid in advance. Paid support includes unlimited telephone support during 6 AM to 5 PM PT, Monday through Friday plus free upgrades. Two-hour web-based training (one-on-one) costs $150.

If I do not want to take advantage of the support contract, can I get support on an as needed basis?

Yes, if you do not want to go on the Support contract, you can still get support on a per call basis. The fee for the one-time call is $125.00 per call up to 15 minutes (or part thereof) per call increment provided you are on current version. The cost of each upgrade version is $549. This fee must be paid on a credit card at the time of the call. Existing customers with paid support always get priority over such calls.

If it's free, why are you charging for it?

If you can get a copy somewhere else, you are entitled to do so. Our fee is still far less expensive than any other dental software of this caliber. The very reasonable distribution fee helps cover the cost of the programmers to work on upgrades. The support fee is used for support staff, equipment and office expenses to provide service to our customers.

Does Practice-Web work in a network?

Yes, Practice-Web works on a single computer or on a multiple workstations connected to a server (local area network). It can also be accessed remotely from multiple locations via secure router with VPN or other remote access services. There is no extra charge for use on multiple workstations by multiple users.