Practice Management Practice-Web provides mobile enabled paperless solutions based on Microsoft.NET platform (part of Windows 7 and 8) at an affordable price. Practice-Web includes appointment scheduler, clinical & perio charting, patient & insurance ebilling, insurance plans history with customization of several areas, merchant card processing, FREE automated appointment reminders, FREE text messaging, graphs analyzer and much more.. Read more Practice Management
Paperless & Mobile Solutions Practice-Web software features three integral methods for a paperless office. i.e. Patient Consent Forms with signature support, Patient Kiosk (inoffice) and Web-based Patient Registration. In addition, integrated eclaims, digital x-ray repository (NEA), image management, dental supply section and merchant card processing eliminate the paperwork. Read more Paperless & Mobile Solutions
Patient Education InfoStar provides a responsive bi-lingual, user friendly chair-side interactive Procedure Explanation program. This program was designed to assist a doctor in a quick visual explanation of a procedure & procedure alternatives. There is an easy to follow tutorial section that explains the program features and user instructions. Read more Patient Education
Imaging Software Simple, straightforward icons indicate the functions in the Quickvision software, allowing you to easily control your diagnosis imaging workstation and take advantage of all the image processing capabilities: contrast enhancehment, measurements, video-inversion, zoom, filters, psuedo-colors, pseudo-3D and much more. Read more Imaging Software
Digital Radiography Digital Radiography is a procedure which displays a radiograph on a computer screen, like films are displayed on your view box. A sensor, which is connected to your computer, is positioned in the same manner your use to with film. When you expose it with your x-ray head your radiograph instantly appears on your computer screen. You might even find yourself referring to the sensor as a film, or your lifetime supply of film. Read more Digital Radiography
Digital Panoramic Enjoy the simplicity and functionality of a dental digital panoramic that opens up a new world of working comfort and efficiency for you.All image processing and management features are immediately available.This system meets the most exacting standards of any practice and enhances patient satisfaction. Read more Digital Panoramic


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