Automated Patient Reviews

Automated Patient Reviews (Surveys)
PwPatientReviews™ by Practice-Web

Practice-Web offers dental practices automated patient reviews and marketing tool after daily patient appointments resulting in improved patient care and internal marketing.

This automated solution is integrated directly in Practice-Web software, eliminating the need for new system office training. Office staff can schedule the survey when to send. Click here for Automated Patient Reviews demo.

  • Automated survey via Email or SMS after completed or broken appointments
  • Seamless, No external hardware required
  • Customizable review (survey) questions
  • Custom Marketing Graphics
Sample email to patient after today's appointment with marketing message below.

  • Improved communication with patients after treatment completion
  • Direct access to survey results from within Practice-Web
  • Adds dynamic link for survey results to your website (example below)
  • Helps Internal marketing with patients
  • Optional links to Social-media sites for reviews
  • Low cost (only $69/month with unlimited messages per month, Limited Time Offer)