Letters & Reports

Letters & Reports
Mail Merge Patients Letter using Word

Following are the steps for mail merge letters to patients from Practice-Web Dental.

  • While in Practice-Web Dental, click on Reports menu (top left) and select Patient under Lists section.
  • Select Lname, Fname, Salutation, Address, Address2, City, State, Zip fields (upper left). Hold the CTRL key while clicking left button of the mouse. Skip to step 4 if there is no filtering required.
  • If there is a need to filter out certain patients by specific criteria (e.g. Billing Type), click on Where and select item(s) in the drop down list followed by =, < or >. Then click on ADD button.
  • Click on OK. A list of selected patients is displayed.
  • Click on Export button on the lower right. Type Patients in the filename box and click on Save button. The file Patients.txt will be saved in FreeDentalExports folder unless changed.
  • Right-click and save the following file to FreeDentalExports folder on a local drive.
Mail Merge to Word document
  • Open the Word document PatientLetter.Doc from the FreeDentalExports folder.
  • Enter the body text and end with the dental office name. Enter the office name and address on top left unless preprinted letterhead is used.
  • Click on Merge to New Document. Print the document to a printer.