Starting with version 11.0 and higher Practice-Web software requires DotNet 3.5 and 4.0, which should already be installed on newer computers and computers that get regular updates.
  • Check in Control Panel (Programs and Features) if DotNet 4.0 is installed otherwise install Microsoft.Net Framework 4.0 on every workstation including the main computer or server. Latest Windows 7 or Windows 8 should already include DotNet Framework 4.0. MySQL Version 5.5 will be installed as a part of the upgrade process.
  • Exit Practice-Web from all stations except the server. While in Practice-Web on the server, press F12 key.
  • Enter Update Code in the box and click on Check for Updates (Internet connection required).
  • Click on download button and then click Ok after the download.
  • Enter the password (call 1-800-845-9379) followed by enter key.
  • Start Practice-Web on the main computer. The database will be converted to latest version in few minutes.
  • If you have more than one PC, start the Practice-Web software on each workstation (no need to download again) and enter the password again.

A new file whatsNewInVersion15x.pdf will be copied to your desktop. Double-click to review the new features. Download Microsoft.NET 3.5 if required.

The driver for AshtelCam Wireless (64-bit) can be downloaded here.