Chairside Interactive

Chairside Interactive
Product Overview

InfoStar provides a responsive bilingual, user-friendly chair-side interactive Procedure Explanation program. This program was designed to assist a doctor in a quick visual explanation of a procedure and procedure alternatives. The program may reside on an existing PC network or accessed from cloud-based system for a low monthly fee starting $40/month per user. This program is available on DVD that automatically upload to the hard drive or it can be accessed from any mobile device in the cloud . There is an easy way to follow the tutorial section that explains the program features and user instructions.

Call  800-845-9379 to try this incredible software.The Doctor should call with the request and participate in a brief conversation regarding his/her expectations.

Program Highlights
  • Easy to Use
  • Create a play sequence of movies
  • Audible explanation in English & Spanish
  • Doctor has the option to explain or play an audible explanation
  • Email a procedure complete with text, animation & narrative
  • Burn procedures onto a take-home DVD or CD
  • Over 150 procedure explanations, plus 25 popular dental movies
  • Procedures may be linked to an InfoStar maintained website
Program Explanation

1. There are 10 button categories containing approximately 150 procedure explanations. Select a button and sub-menu icons appear (see 2).

2. These icons are sub-menus of the main category button selected. Select the sub-menu that either launches a single procedure explanation or provides a selection line of related procedure

3. Clicking on a procedure will launch the explanation complete with text (see 6) animation (see 11), choice of language (see 4), narration (see 5), plus displays quick links specific to your selections (see 7 & 12).

4. Clicking the English or Spanish button will translate the visible text (see 6) below.

5. Select the audio button and hear a narrative of the text in the language you choose (see 4). To exit audio either press the stop button or make another menu selection.

6. Text is shown here. This text may be changed from English to Spanish (see 4). The text mirrors the procedures narration (see 5), and is the text viewed when the procedure explanation is either sent as an email or printed.

7. Related content (if any) may be immediately referred to by selecting the buttons below text. This enables fast navigation and allows for quick explanations of any options or alternative relating procedures.

8. The 'Movies' button contains more than 25 movies complete with full animation, audio (in English and Spanish) and subtitles (in English and Spanish). Movies may be viewed individually or compiled into a playlist. For more about the Movies section, please go to movies Features page.

9. The bottom control menu is where the user may:- Print individual explanations for a patient - E-mail individual explanations to a patient- Navigate to the Help section - Return to the Home page- Exit the program

10. Create and name a folder. Select and save procedure explanations into the folder to be burned onto a patient's take-home CD.

11. This is the area where your selected procedure explanation plays. Doctors may provide their own verbal explanation or play the programs audible narration (see 4, 5 & 6).

12. Some illustrations may be double clicked to enlarge the illustration to full-screen size for better viewing. Simply click on the enlarged view to return it to its smaller size.

Movies Features

1. Over 25 popular dental movies are displayed. Each movie plays from 1 ½ to 2 ½ minutes in length. Movies may be played audibly and with subtitles in either English or Spanish. Movies may be played individually or drug into a playlist to create a multiple movie play sequence.

2. You may drag movies into the playlist area to create a multiple movie play sequence.

3. Playlists may be saved (see 3) and/or recalled (see 4). Playlists may be played or a playlist may be cleared.

4. Saved playlists are displayed here. Clicking on a saved playlist restores the playlist to be viewed again.

E-Mail Features

Getting a patient to accurately articulate dental information to their spouse has always been a challenge. The chair-side interactive Procedure Explanation program provides a solution. The program provides an email icon selection. Click on the icon and whatever screen you are viewing will be automatically attached. A pop-up box appears for you to type in the patient's home email address. Click send to send the email to the patient. The patient receives an email addressed "From Your Dentist". The entire procedure explanation including text and narration in both English and Spanish, full procedure graphics, animation and animated links may be viewed by the patient and at their home.

Web Link Features

One of the benefits of having both a chair-side interactive Procedure Explanation program and a web page designed and/or maintained by InfoStar is that all of the related procedures, including test, animation, and narrations of the Procedure Explanation software may be linked from the web page.