Continuous Play

Continuous Play
Product Description

Showcase your practice in the reception area and in the operatories with a custom presentation. Presentations are available on DVD or CD. Presentations play continuously, silent and unattended in the reception area, networked to rooms, or will play as a computers screen saver. An InfoStar custom presentation establishes a higher comfort level with patients. It’s the professional, non-intrusive way to introduce the doctor, his/her biography, the dental team, high-tech equipment benefits, special procedures, financial policies, case illustrations and more. This custom presentation helps a patient understand more about today’s dentistry and that there is a difference between dental practices. All presentations can easily be changed or updated as needed.


A New Presentation is $2,500.InfoStar provides you with a single site license, which means that you may have as many DVD's or CD's as required to play from as many TV's or monitors for a single office location without an additional fee. You will receive a questionnaire booklet to assist you in the development of your custom presentation. InfoStar will assign a team member to assist you via telephone. We have material for all specialties in our library. You may include your own case illustrations or select material from our stock library. Anything we don't have in our library that you would like to have in your presentation, we will make for you as part of the project.

Presentation Updates are $45 per screen. If the doctor has a good case illustration that he/she would like to include in their program, the cost is $45, unless InfoStar is provided with a photo release so InfoStar can add the case illustration to its stock library, then there is no charge. Any time InfoStar updates a presentation the customer automatically receives all of the latest library updates for a flat $100. InfoStar pays for shipping to the customer.