Future Versions

PW Dental Version 16.3

Major Changes
Images: Store images in a DropBox account or remote FTP server.


  • Preview the appointment schedule before printing.
  • Moving an appointment only refreshes the appointment module if an appointment overlap is detected.
  • In automated appointment reminders, include a Time Asked to Arrive or Ask to Arrive Early.

Graphic Reports

  • Graphic report printouts and exports include the legend. 
  • Graphic reports legend items can be enabled or disabled.
  • Default graph tabs for providers, clinics, and practice in graphical reports.
  • Export graphical reports as a PDF.
  • Improved autosizing of graphical reports when groupings are selected.

Payment Plans

  • Payment plan sheet type added. 
  • Payment plan window accepts signatures.
  • Preference for Payment Plans to use Sheets.
  • Automatically allocate prepayment amounts to repeating charges.


  • Permission to change appointment confirmation status.
  • New permission to access the audit trail.

Emergency contact name and number fields added to Edit Patient Information window. 
Encrypted MySQL passwords are allowed to pass into Practice-Web as a command line argument. 
View the current MySQL server and computer name in the Computers window. 
Edit Request window shows feature request number.
Clinic names can be abbreviated. 
Internal sheets moved to XML storage. 
New service for Alerts system. 
Change the time on the shutdown warning timer when updating. 
DentalXChange e-statements include the New Charges field. 
Enhancements to the wiki allow setting home pages, opening multiple pages and anchors for long pages. 
View number of unread tasks in each task tab.
New Schick Dicom bridge.
Improvements to messaging button signaling system. 
Print routing slips from the Chart module. 
Manually sync middle-tier databases using middle-tier credentials. 
Audit trail results limited to 500 entries. 
The current computer shows above the list of computer names. 
Double click a computer name to open Graphics for that computer. 
Sort the Procedure Codes list by code. 
Spell check for default note in Treatment Plan tab. 
Progress bar for each procedure code fee tool (copy, increase, update, clear, export, import). 
Progress bar shows when a report is run. 
Sort recurring charges by clinic (only shows clinics the user has access to). 
Sort the schedule window by clinic. 
Option to add superhead insurance to new superfamily patients automatically. 
Preference to not save statement PDFs when they are sent electronically. 
Preference to show verbose history for report progress bar. 
Preference to show hidden providers on reports. 
Preference to disable automation popups for 10 minutes. 
Preference to enable insurance frequency checking in treatment plans. 
Preference to manually choose an auto note when procedures are set complete. 
Preference to always use the UCR fee, even when it is less than the PPO fee. 
Preference to remove payment types from deposit slips.

PW Dental Version 16.2

Major Changes
Claims: Create claims for multiple outstanding procedures at once using the Procedure Not Billed to Insurance Report. 

Payment Plans 

  • Option to include payment plan debits and credits in the patient ledger, patient balances, and aging. 
  • Preference turns on/off Line Item Payment Plans. 
  • Attach procedures (credits) to payment plans. 
  • Close payment plans.
  • Payment plan debits can be allocated using the Payment Split Manager. 

Prepayment Accounting System

  • Quickly create an unallocated prepayment via the Payment window. 
  • Quickly allocate unallocated income amounts to completed procedures via a dropdown from the Payment button. 
  • When allocating prepayments, new pay splits are automatically created to balance amounts. 
  • New 'prepayment' option for pay split unearned type. 
  • Daily Payments Report has an option to include/exclude payments marked as 'unearned'. 

Patient Portal and Online Payments

  • Allow patients to make online credit card payments, using X-Charge, with or without logging into the portal. 
    • Enter XWeb settings to enable online patient payments.  Direct patients to online payments using the patient portal URL. 
    • Process pending online payments in Practice-Web. Visual indicator in main menu alerts staff when payments are pending. 
  • PayConnect and X-Charge can be enabled at the same time. 

Changes by Category


  • Mark specific adjustment types as 'bad debt'. 
  • Preference to automatically launch Pay Split Manager when there is a family balance and user clicks OK on Payment window. 
  • New Provider Payroll report option in production and income reports. 
  • Associate existing adjustments to procedures. 
  • Associate completed procedures to adjustments. 
  • Print deposit slips directly to the printer, without opening the Fill Sheet window. Create PDF option added to Edit Deposit Slip window. 
  • X-Charge: If using Decline Minimizer and it changes credit card information, the card information will be updated in the database. When using recurring charges the Updated count will indicate the number of cards updated. 
  • Credit Card Manage window indicates whether a card has a saved token or not. 
  • Limited statement option will only show transactions related to selected procedures. 
  • In the account, show canceled appointment procedure codes (D9987) in a different text color. 
  • Set a dunning message to send earlier than actual account age. 


  • Enable or disable the appointment bubble popup by appointment view. 
  • New automation trigger for scheduling a procedure and new action to show a consent form. 
  • New automation trigger for creating an appointment and new action to set appointment type and status. 
  • PatientNamePref (patient preferred name) added as an option for appointment views. 


  • CEMT can connect to a CEMT database hosted on a Middle Tier server. 
  • CEMT only allows syncing from one CEMT database. 


  • Deleted sheets are hidden in the Chart module, but are visible in Audit mode. Deleted sheets can be restored. 
  • Change the patient associated with a sheet. 
  • Record how long a patient has used tobacco and how eager they are to quit. 
  • Tobacco Use tab added to Medical window. 


  • Create claims for multiple outstanding procedures at once using the Procedure Not Billed to Insurance Report. 
  • Enhancements to Procedures Not Billed to Insurance Report. 
  • Option when creating batch claims to allow or block claim creation when patient procedures span multiple clinics or places of service. 
  • Send Claims window renamed 'Insurance Claims'. 
  • Access the Procedures Not Billed to Insurance Report and Outstanding Claims Report from the Insurance Claims window. 
  • An orange exclamation point shows next to Recalculate Estimates when recalculation of claim estimates is suggested. 
  • Insurance Writeoff Edit permission allows or blocks a user from editing or creating writeoffs. 
  • New preference determines when a snapshot of a claim's writeoff and insurance payment estimate amounts are captured (at claim creation, a set time, or when insurance payment received). 
  • Associate a default place of service and provider to a site. 
  • When procedures on a claim are assigned a site, the site's place of service, NPI and address is sent in 5010 dental e-claims. 
  • Confirmation message when changing a claim's tracking status to 'none' to avoid inadvertently setting a status to none.


  • Add clinic-specific holiday and practice notes to the schedule. 
  •  Schedule view is limited to providers assigned to operatories in the selected clinic. 
  • Track timecard entries by clinic. 
  • Reorder the list of clinics. 


  • Add a column to the Chart module progress notes to indicate whether or not procedures have been sent via HL7. 
  • Option to show a warning message if procedures sent via HL7 are not attached to an appointment. 


  • Option to set a different default clearinghouse for electronic eligibility than is used for claims. 
  • Preference to exclude patients from the Insurance Verification List if their insurance plan is marked 'don't verify'.
  • Preference to exclude patient clones from the Insurance Verification List.
  • Enhancements to interface and how Pat/Ins verifications are displayed and verified in the Insurance Verification List. 
  • Option to exclude appointments for specific clinics from the Insurance Verification List. 
  • When adding an insurance plan, if patient is not the subscriber, Relationship to Subscriber will default to no selection and user cannot save the plan until an option is set. 

Ortho Chart

  • Rename the Ortho Chart button if desired. 
  • Create tabs to organize Ortho chart entries. 
  • New Setup menu in Ortho Chart to quickly add columns.

Public Health Screenings - Custom Screening Form

  • Set tooth charts to permanent or primary teeth. 
  • Assessment Proc checkbox adds procedure code D0191 to the patient's chart (assessment of a patient). 
  • Fluoride Proc checkbox adds procedure code D1206 to the patient's chart (topical application of fluoride varnish). 
  • Select different custom screening forms per screening group. 


  • Edit Completed Procedure (limited) permissions restrict users from editing information on completed procedures that affects historical reporting.
  • Claim Delete permission allows users to delete claims. 
  • Pay Split Create after Global Lock Data permission allows user to add new pay splits after the global lock date. 
  • Users must have the Insurance Plan Edit permission to change insurance plan information and benefit information. 
  • Insurance Plan Edit permission tracked in audit trail. 


  • Timestamp (date and time) added for signature boxes on sheets. 
  • Add 'misc' input fields with reportable names to relevant sheet types. 


  • Automatically generate pay periods. 
  • View scheduled providers via a tab in the Appointments module (next to Waiting Room/Employees).
  • Customize the reports that show in the Reports window. 
  • Option to launch a custom reporting URL from the main toolbar. 
  • In the Email Inbox, deleting emails attached to patients only removes them from the inbox. They are not removed from the Commlog. 
  • If Practice-Web is shut down when a user is editing a wiki page, changes are automatically saved as a draft as long as html code is valid. 
  • If Practice-Web is shut down when a user is creating an email, the email is saved. 
  • If Practice-Web is shut down when a user is creating a commlog, the commlog is saved.
  • Create a right click link to a wiki page from within a task. 
  • Visual indicator of last time a popup was viewed. 
  • Merge patients even when birthdate or names don't match. 
  • Enable syncing of super family member addresses and home phones. 
  • Unit tests for procedure downgrade insurance estimates. 
  • Appointment views for clinics more efficient when selecting from database. 
  • The MySQL password is obfuscated in configuration files. 
  • Patients can be associated to multiple clinics. 
  • Log file added to Podium folder for troubleshooting. 
  • DentalTek Rapid Call bridge. 
  • Carestream Imaging bridge. 
PW Dental Version 16.1

Graphic Reports: Added color coded charts and graphs to track the growth of your practice as follows

  • Track production and income, new patients, accounts receivable and broken appointments for the practice and by provider.
  • Customize the reports. 

Insurance Verification: New tools to track verification of insurance plans and benefits. 

ERAs: Automatically download ERAs from ClaimConnect. 

Security: Users can be associated with both a provider and employee. 

Clinics: Users can be assigned to a default clinic and allowed access to multiple clinics. 

Changes by category

  • New tools to track verification of insurance plans and benefits. 
  • Preference to customize the color of the horizontal red time line in the Appointments module. 
  • Preference to customize the behavior when a patient breaks an appointment (procedure, adjustment, commlog, all, or none). 
  • Preference determines whether adjustments are/are not included the Appointment module's net Daily Production. 
  • Customize columns that show in the Edit Appointment window, Procedures grid using Display Fields.
  • Set the appointment schedule to always load to the practice's scheduled start time or the earliest scheduled appointment. 
  • Operatory names can wrap to two lines to accommodate longer names. 
  • New right click option to clear all blockouts in an operatory. 
  • In the Recall List, the Contact column says Text when the patient's preferred recall method is TextMessage. 
  • In the Confirmation List, the Contact column says Mail when the patient's preferred confirmation method is Mail. 
  • The Broken Appointment Procedure color in Definitions, Account Colors will apply to D9986 and D9987. 


  • When electronically signing procedure notes or group notes, logged on user can be overridden. 
  • Record vital signs from the Medical window. 
  • Record pulse when entering vital signs.
  • Interface enhancements for medical information. 
  • Enhancements to signature box on Procedure Info window and Treatment Plans. 
  • Sign Ortho Chart entries. Indicate 'signed' entries in the Ortho Chart. 
  • Perio chart always starts exam on an existing tooth (not a missing tooth). 
  • Copy the previous perio exam to a new exam. 
  • Preference determines if teeth with implant procedure codes are considered as 'missing' in the perio chart. 
  • Preference determines if teeth marked 'missing' are automatically skipped in new perio exams.


  • Assign users to a default clinic. 
  • Users can be restricted to multiple clinics. 
  • The clinic selected in the Main Menu determines the default clinic for several actions.
  • New preference determines whether the Main Menu clinic or the patient's clinic is the default for patient payments. 
  • Option to set the default Main Menu clinic based on the clinic last active when the user was logged on or the workstation was used.
  • Lab case status in the Appointment module reflects status for currently selected clinic.
  • Preference to reset the appointment schedule to today's date when a different clinic is selected. 
  • Clear blockouts by clinic.


  • Set up user-specific email addresses. 
  • One email can be set as the default 'From' address, but can now send from multiple email addresses. 
  • Emails in the inbox are filtered by email address
  • Save attachments in email templates. 
  • Choose the email address to send from when using the Recall List, Confirmation List, Billing List. 
  • New Edit button for email templates. 
  • New Edit button for email autographs. 
  • [monthlyCardsonFile] and [currentMonth] available as message replacement fields in email templates. 

Images module

  • New preferences affect the default behavior of the document tree (expanded or collapsed). 
  • Set specific image categories to expand by default. 


  • Automatically download ERAs from ClaimConnect. 


  • New option for force duplication (charge the same amount to the same card on the same day). 
  • Mask the PayConnect password on the PayConnect Setup window when a user's login credentials are not recognized. 
  • Electronically sign transactions. 
  • Payment note after a transaction indicates type of credit card. 

Public Health Screenings: 

  • Preference determines whether screenings use the classic form or a customized sheet. 
  • Customize a screening form. 
  • New ScreenChart sheet element added for customized screening forms. 
  • Sealant codes marked on a customized screening automatically insert a sealant procedure in patient's chart. 


  • New graphic reports interface.
  • Graphical permission allows/blocks viewing graphical reports.
  • Graphical Setup permission allows/blocks graphical report setup and editing. 
  • Updates to Broken Appointment report.
  • Outstanding Insurance Claims Report can be filtered by claim tracking status. 
  • Create custom claim tracking statuses that exclude a claim from the Outstanding Claim Report for a certain number of days. 
  • Preference to wrap column text in printed reports. 


  • Users can be associated to both a provider and an employee. 
  • ClaimSend permission allows/blocks sending or printing claims. 
  • TaskListCreate permission. 
  • Permission to edit or delete group notes is based on status of attached procedures. 
  • Strong passwords now require at least one lowercase letter in addition to one uppercase, one number, and at least 8 characters. 

Smoking and Tobacco Use

  • New options to assess Tobacco Use. 
  • Option to mark an intervention as 'Patient Declined'. 
  • New display field for Tobacco Use in ChartPatientInformation shows patient's tobacco use history. Double click Tobacco Use to open the assessment window. 
  • Education resources can be triggered based on assessed tobacco use. 


  • Preference to determine the sort order for guarantors in a superfamily. 
  • Create super statements that show balance information for all superfamilies. 


  • Create pick lists in a sheet using the Combobox sheet element. 
  • Set a workstation to use local time instead of server time. 
  • Preference determines which provider recurring charges are applied to. 
  • Show providers that were removed during a merge of providers in the Provider List. 
  • Treatment plan note saves when focus leaves the text box. 
  • Add quick paste notes to Treatment Plan Notes. 
  • The term 'Archive' replaces 'Delete' in the wiki. 
  • Save a wiki page as a draft. 
  • When a workstation loses connection with the database, user is notified and Practice-Web attempts to reconnect. 
  • Provider and Employees sorted into tabs on Schedule and Edit Day windows. 
  • Scheduling has better performance when many people are editing the same day. 
  • Set default claim notes by procedure code that are automatically copied to new claims.
  • Database maintenance interface enhancements. New RawEmails tool. 
  • Report option in main menu has a new drop-down for standard reports, graphic reports, and user query. 
  • Import 834 files. 
  • Option to hide Podium, Central Data Storage, and DentalIntel program link buttons.
  • Filter Podium bridge by clinic. 
  • Choose the action that triggers Podium review invitations and the time intervals.