Graph Analyzer

The Practice-Web® Graph Analyzer

This amazing application will help you manage your practice at a whole new level.

The Practice-Web® Graph Analyzer will allow you to

Compare current year with previous years and by month as well as customize graphs by type, style and color. This ability makes it easier to see revenue flow, projections and discover ways to increase cash flow and profits by over $20,000 per year (estimated for a typical dental office).

Analyze office data in 18 different graphs designed to help you track vital parameters. The graphs are divided into five categories, namely, Patient Analysis, Coverage Analysis, Payment Analysis, Production Analysis and Schedule Analysis.

Change displayed chart type to Pie chart or Line chart, color scheme or orientation. Export any chart to a bitmap or print in color. Review the data behind the chart.

Chart Groups:
A. Patient Analysis:
  • New Patients and all patients by Age Group
  • New Patients by Month
  • Patients by Zipcodes
  • Referral Analysis
B. Coverage Analysis:
  • Patient Coverage Analysis
  • Patient Analysis by Carrier
C. Payment Analysis:
  • Payment Analysis
  • Payments by Month
  • Receivable Analysis
  • Production, Payments and Adjustments
D. Production Analysis:
  • Production by month
  • Production by Category
  • Insurance claims by month
  • Deferred Production by month (Scheduled vs. Unscheduled)
E. Schedule Analysis:
  • Appointments by Month (recalls and non-recalls)
  • Recalls by Month (last 6 to next 6 months)
  • Appointments completed, missed vs. canceled by month
  • Tx plans- Top 20 patient procedures by value with benefits remaining

Please download the Practice-Web Graph Analyzer with free graphs (4) to get you started.