Previous Versions

PW Dental Version 15.4

Major Enhancements:

Insurance: Many enhancements including automatic Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) download.

Patient Information: Set certain fields as required on the Edit Patient Information and Add Family windows.

Patient Portal: Available through PWDentistPortal. Patients can pay their balances using credit card on their smartphone.

Treatment Plans:

  • Design custom printed treatment plans using Sheets. 
  • Create multiple treatment plans (active and inactive). 
  • Chart procedures to multiple treatment plans in the Chart module. 
  • Preference to automatically save signed treatment plans as a PDF. 
  • A signature must be cleared before a signed treatment plan's description, responsible party, or procedure priorities can be edited. 
  • Show procedure code abbreviation in the Treatment Plan module. 

Account module

  • Quickly add procedures to a patient's account (e.g. for products sold to patients like toothpaste). 
  • Option to store credit card tokens when using PayConnect. 
  • Run recurring charges using PayConnect. 
  • For X-Charge transactions, allow an electronic signature by patients when using a credit card terminal that has signature capabilities. 
  • Print receipts for X-Charge or PayConnect transactions via the Payment window. 
  • New preferences for finance charge minimums. 
  • New Definitions category determines Quick Proc items and associated procedure codes. 
  • New display field to show procedure code abbreviation in the Account module. 
  • New display field to indicate that procedures have been digitally signed. 
  • Statements that use sheets optimized to print faster. 


  • Automated Appointment reminders for scheduled appointments (automated text messaging/SMS by Practice-Web).
  • Customize what columns show in the Family module, Recall grid. New options for Previous Date and Interval. 
  • Hide or show completed planned appointments.
  • Appointments sent to the pinboard from the Planned Appointment Tracker are removed from the tracker. 
  • When adding a blockout, start and stop time defaults to time selected on the Appointments schedule. 
  • The fee for broken appointments defaults to the fee for procedure code D9986. 
  • Customize the color used for broken appointment procedures in Definitions, Account Colors. 
  • Confirming appointments via postcards or SMS creates an automatic note in the CommLog.
  • New static fields available when designing a Routing Slip using Sheets. 

Central Enterprise Management Tool

  • Filter connections by provider and clinic in the main window. 
  • Show the database connection status and version in contrast to CEMT database version. 
  • Daily and Monthly Production and Income reports. 

Chart module

  • Preference to use provider colors for procedures in the Chart module progress notes. 
  • Chart module shows indicator for signed consent forms. 
  • Ortho chart columns (Display Fields) can be set to allow selection from a picklist. 
  • View full path of a task in the Chart module progress notes. 
  • Changes to when electronic prescriptions are automatically copied to the Chart module. New option to manually copy. 


  • Override clearinghouse settings on a clinic-level. 
  • Use different X-Charge merchant accounts for different clinics. 
  • Use different PayConnect merchant accounts for different clinics. 
  • Enter clinic-specific login credentials and clinic-specific addresses for DentalXChange e-bills. 
  • When setting up operatories, filter operatories by clinic. Picker button added for clinics and providers. 
  • Filter the following reports by clinic: Routing SlipsOutstanding Insurance ClaimsClaims Not SentProcedures Not Billed to InsuranceInsurance Overpaid.

CPOE Radiology Orders for EHR

  • ADA procedure codes for x-rays are considered 'radiology' for EHR purposes.
  • X-ray procedures added for a patient are automatically counted in the denominator for the CPOERadiologyOrders measure calculation.
  • X-ray procedures approved by the EHR provider count in the numerator for the CPOERadiologyOrders measure calculation.
  • New menu item indicates to EHR providers that approval is needed for radiology procedures.
  • Providers can easily view pending radiology procedures and approve them using the Radiology appointment list (marks them as CPOE).


  • Incoming e-mails can attach to patients based on matching e-mail address. 
  • Add CC and BCC recipients. 
  • Create e-mail autographs (e.g. sender name and signature) for sent messages. 
  • Use variable fields in the subject or body of e-mail templates (e.g FName, LName, PatNum, ApptDate). 
  • Description of e-mail template can differ from the default e-mail subject. 

Insurance and Claims

   Edit Claim window

  • New Attachments tab groups claim attachment information. 
  • New Status History tab to record and track custom claim data. 
  • Add a note when custom tracking status changes. 
  • Share of Cost column added to Misc tab. 


Send Claims window 

  • Send Claims window is non-modal. Open other windows while sending or validating e-claims.
  • Page through claim history by week.
  • Validate Claims button checks claims for missing information prior to sending.
  • Warnings are generated when user attempts to send a deleted or already sent claim.
  • Type dropdown on Send Claims window allows extended selections.

  ERAs. Electronic EOBs (ERA 835)

  • View ERA button added to the Edit Claim window. 
  • Set ERAs to automatically download to the correct report path (if clearinghouse provides the reports). 
  • If a matching claim is not automatically found for the ERA, manually attach a matching claim.
  • Carrier names show in the Send Claims, History grid.
  • Patient names show in the Send Claims, History grid.
  • Electronic Remittance Advice - ERA window is non-modal. It can remain open while visiting other areas of the program.
  • Verify and Enter Payment window interface changes

  Other related items

  • Change Healthcare/Emdeon real-time benefits eligibility. 
  • Document the claim payment status (Payment Tracking) for individual claim procedures. 
  • When entering batch insurance payments, option to filter outstanding claims by patient last name and first name. 
  • IsScanned column added to Batch Insurance Payments window. 
  • New Definitions category for claim payment tracking. 

Patient Information

  • Set certain fields as required on the Edit Patient Information and Add Family windows. 
  • Set specific conditions for required fields. 
  • Medicaid State field added to Edit Patient Information window. 
  • Referred From field added to Edit Patient Information and Add Family windows. 
  • Validate the number of digits in a Medicaid ID by state. 
  • Preference to set the default primary provider as "Select Provider" instead of defaulting to the default practice provider. 
  • "Email" label changed to "Email Addresses" on Edit Patient Information window. 
  • Illogical combinations for race/ethnicity are not allowed. 
  • Double click a name in the Family Members list to open the Edit Patient Information window. 
  • New display field to indicate the number of broken appointments in the Chart module Patient Info area. 

Program Bridges

  • Build your own output file (e.g. .txt or .ini) for custom program bridges. 
  • Add an image to program link toolbar button. 
  • Scanora bridge. 


  • Backup permission shows in audit trail.
  • Complete Appointment Edit permission allows editing of completed appointments.
  • UserLogOnOff permission tracks when a user clocks in and out of the timeclock.
  • New permissions for Medication Merge, Provider Merge, and Referral Merge and RequiredFields.
  • Insurance Payment Create or Insurance Payment Edit permission is required to access batch insurance payments (Batch Ins button in Manage module) and Send Claims window.


  • Globally move subscribers of one insurance plan to another. 
  • Merge patient referrals. 
  • Merge providers. 
  • Merge medications. 


  • Search all tasks using various parameters. 
  • Preference to search for patients by preferred name instead of first name. 
  • Preference to store language and region for the practice. 
  • Preference to turn on composition typing for those using IME keyboards. 
  • New list contains two-character state abbreviations that are used to validate state IDs when state information is required. 
  • Progress indicator shows when updating, backing up databases, running check table commands, and optimizing/repairing from Database Maintenance.
  • Increased text area for queries. 
  • Option to disable monthly backup reminder. 
  • New command line argument (Show="SearchPatient") opens the Select Patient window. 
  • Refresh while typing checkbox on the Select Patient window is now a computer specific setting. 
  • Preference to set the default setting for the refresh while typing checkbox on new workstations. 
  • Copy dental school course requirements from one semester to another. 
  • Message element sound recorder enhanced
  • Custom ID field added to Provider Setup window for informational purposes. 
  • Primary keys show on the Edit Clinic, Edit Provider, Edit Carrier, Edit Insurance Plan windows. 
  • Preference to show seconds on time cards. 
  • Enhanced interface for xml import/export of sheets. 
  • New eRx users connect to the LexiComp account instead of First Data Bank. 
  • For e-bills using DentalXChange, select different practice and remit to addresses. 
Enhancements to public health screenings.
PW Dental Version 15.3

Fee Schedules:

  • New fee schedule preference determines whether fees apply globally to all providers/clinics or can be changed for specific providers/clinics.
  • Associate procedure fees in a fee schedule to specific providers and/or clinics. 
  • New definition for fee colors. 

Central Enterprise Management Tool (CEMT)

  • Search for patients from the main CEMT window. 
  • Log in to a Practice-Web database from CEMT.
  • Sync all security information for multiple databases simultaneously.
  • Run Production and Income report by provider across multiple databases. 
  • Multi-threaded connection speeds up the retrieval of data from multiple databases.

Integrated Texting: Automated unlimited text messaging is available as a paid service. 

  • Send unlimited automated text messages for appointments, recalls and birthdays
  • Patients can respond with no time limit.
  • CommLogs automatically created for all messages.

Payment Plan: Recalculate amortization schedules for prepayments or payments to principal while preserving historical payments. 

Non-Dental Practices or Clinics: Set a practice or clinic  as "non-dental". 
If set as non-dental, most tooth and surface references are removed from the interface. 

  • Graphical tooth chart removed from the module
  • Tabs for missing teeth, movements and primary removed from the module
  • Buttons for Perio Chart, Tooth Chart and Ortho Chart removed from the Chart Module toolbar.
  • Labels that reference teeth or surfaces are hidden throughout the software
  • Procedure Code column widened in Reports.

ICD-10 Codes: New preference to use ICD-10 instead of ICD-9 diagnosis codes on procedures. 

Minor Changes:
Podium program link. Automates patient review generation. 
Dental Intel button added to reports window. Business intelligence dashboards. 
DentalTek program link. VOIP phone integration with Practice-Web. 
Zoom in button added to reports using the Complex Report system. 
Indicate late patients in the appointment schedule using color or by showing (L). 
Show birthdate in the appointment schedule. 
Set the default start time in the appointment schedule by appointment view. 
Preference to limit the number of electronic billing statements sent per batch. 
Preference to open patient address in Google Maps. 
Preference to set a default stop/start date for patient medications. 
Preference to set the insurance write-off description. 
When using patient clone, view sheets in both the original patient account and the clone account. 
eCW: CDT codes longer than five characters allowed in outbound DFT messages. 
eCW: Option to verify that all procedure notes are complete upon Finish and Send. 
eCW: Option to verify that all procedure notes are signed upon Finish and Send. 
Patient address information uses different 'Same for entire family' checkbox than provider and billing information. 
New status options for sent prescriptions (Faxed, CalledIn, GaveScript, Pending). 
Update window indicates the date and time a user updated Practice-Web. 
Phone numbers in text boxes automatically formatted. 
Daily and Monthly Production and Income report use Complex Report system. 
Procedure Code report can be filtered by clinic or provider. Uses Complex Report system. 
New Active Patients Report that uses Complex Report system.
New command line arguments:  Module and Show. 
Enhancements to Update in Progress window. 
Hiding an operatory is not allowed if future appointments are scheduled in it. 
New automation available when insurance plan effective date ends. 
EHR dashboard shows line items for all core and menu measures and allows entry of notes for yes/no measures. 
Note field on edit laboratory window lengthened to allow up to 30,000 characters. 
Change column width, order and description in StatementMainGrid when using sheets for statements. 
Images sort by date and time in Images Module. 
Birth dates entered on select patient window carry over when adding new patient(s). 
Reorder or hide Patient Field Defs. 
Display fields added for PatientSelect (Next Visit, Last Visit, Cell Phone, Sec Prov). 
TaskEdit permission. 
Changes to the behavior of TaskNoteEdit permission. 
Audit trail for tasks. 
Confirmation list is non-modal. Right-click to select patient, open a chart, send to pinboard or delete an appointment. 
ASAP list is non-modal. Right-click to select patient, open a chart, send to pinboard or delete an appointment. 
Clinics show billing and pay-to addresses. 
Procedures in the treatment plan module show an X when using substitution codes. 
Generate CQM encounters based on completed procedures in a date range. 
Ortho Chart date entries sorted oldest to newest, automatically scroll to most recent dates. 
Add quick paste notes in Treatment Plan note field. 
Non-billing entity override can be associated with a provider. 
Customize provider specialties. 
Changed the tab order on Adjustments window. Cursor defaults to Amount field when the window opens. 
Show Shopping List and OnHandQty added to Supply Inventory. 
Status field added to Equipment. 
UpdateFiles folder stored inside database instead of AtoZ folders. 
Topaz model BSB signature pad supported. 
Broken Appointment Procedure window automatically opens when an appointment is broken using code D9986. 
New preference to automatically open the Adjustment window when an appointment is broken using code D9986. 
"Provider" replaces "dentist" throughout the software.

PW Dental Version 15.2

Pay Split Manager: New tool to manage and allocate payment income to providers and procedures. Improved automatic payment split logic that is based on FIFO. 

Payment Plan Improvements: 

  • Payment plan amortization schedule shows provider, interest, and total amounts.
  • Payment schedule, down payment, and number of payments or monthly payment amount are stored in database.
  • Payment plan changes are not saved until user clicks OK.
  • Payment plan report has options to filter by date range, provider, and clinic, show family balance, and show insurance payment plans and/or patient payment plans. Generated report calculates total amounts by column, sorts by provider, and groups by clinic. Uses complex report system.

Waiting Room: 

  • Use text color to flag patients whose wait time has exceeded a certain value.
  • Only show patients in the waiting room if their appointment is scheduled in an operatory that shows in the current appointment view.

Broken Appointments:

  • Automation for missed appointments now uses the new ADA procedure code D9986. 
  • Preference to automatically show the Commlog window when an appointment is broken using procedure code D9986. 
  • New broken appointment report. 

Web Schedule:  New eService allows patients to schedule recall appointments online.  Sign up is required and there is a monthly fee of $50.  

Reports:  Daily Payment report can be sorted by insurance payment type. Improved backend for many reports using the complex report system. 

Statements: Customize statements using Sheets (must be enabled).


  • New Clinic selection menu in the main menu.  
  • The following reports can be filtered by clinic:  Appointments Report, Aging of A/R Report.  
  • Assign appointment views to clinics.
  • Waiting room list filtered by clinic. 
  • Security enhancements: 
    • Time clock only shows employees associated with the clinic the user has access to.
    • Restrict users from managing time cards by clinic.
    • Restrict users from running billing for other clinics. 
    • Restrict users from running other reports for other clinics.
    • Restrict users from viewing or sending claims from other clinics.

Patient Portal:  Enhanced user interface improves patient experience using the portal.

  • Patients can view their financial info.
  • Patients can change their own password. 
  • Automatic log-off after a period of inactivity.

Central Enterprise Management Tool: 

  • Create CEMT specific users with their own user groups & permissions and sync to other databases.
  • Modify the global lock date. New global lock date preference. 
  • CEMT user data only visible on audit trail entries and log on window. 
  • Create custom connection groups.

Minor Changes:
Orthodontic total months for 5010 e-claims. 
Finance Charge Report allows entering a date range. 
Email Inbox: Preview new e-mails, interface enhancements. 
Unscheduled List is non-modal (e.g. access other windows while Unscheduled List is open). 
Send an unscheduled appointment from the Unscheduled List to the PinBoard. 
Jump to the Chart module from the Unscheduled List. 
Planned Appointment Tracker is non-modal (e.g. access other windows while it is open). 
Send an unscheduled planned appointment from Planned Appointment Tracker to the PinBoard. 
Jump to the Chart module from the Planned Appointment Tracker. 
Backup tool checks for sufficient disk space on backup device. 
Disable the process signal interval during periods of inactivity. 
Reset all tooth movement values to zero. 
Search for deposit entries by payment amount or check number.
Invoice note allows multiple lines. 
Genoray's Triana bridge. 
Preference determines when e-claims on the Send Claims window are validated.                             
eRx button turns red when prescription information fails to update.  
New tool to change secondary provider. 
EmailSend and WebmailSend security permissions allow/block users from sending unsecure email.  
UserQueryAdmin security permission allows/block users from running SQL commands. 
Primary and secondary insurance carrier automatically updated when appointments created or insurance plan is dropped or added. 
New filter for the confirmation list only shows appointments scheduled more than two months from the list start date. 
Filter sent and received claims on the Send Claims window.  
Image module audit trail details when a document is created, moved, edited, or deleted. 
New security login preference requires manual typing of username instead of selection from a list. 
Mark tasks 'Done' from the Progress Notes. 
Note text boxes on the Edit Schedule and Edit Blockout windows support quick paste notes.  
Enhancements to Ortho chart audit trail.                                                                                 .
Added bridge to SMARTDent, Panoramic Corp and bridge to Office documents. 

PW Dental Version 14.3

Electronic EOBs (ERAs):  Simplified and semi-automated entry of insurance payment amounts by claim.  

Quick Procedure Buttons:  Customize labels, procedures, and surfaces.  

Appointments: Customize the information that shows when you hover over an appointment in the schedule.  Control appointment color by appointment type.  

Database Maintenance:  Choose which fixes to run and access detailed information. New database check to find procedures with multiple claim procedures for same insurance plan, and new tool to clear out old etrans message entries.  

Setup menu:  Menu items grouped by category. 

Sheets:  Create multi-page sheets. Patient images can be added to sheets.   

Insurance payment plans:  No longer requires deletion of charges. 

Images module:  Drag and drop files from a Windows folder into an Images folder. 

HL7:  New generic HL7 message definition that follows HL7 version 2.6 message structure standards.  

Canada:  Lab fee write-offs. 

Blue Theme: The first phase towards adding themes to Practice-Web is complete.  

Medical Claim Form: 1500 claim form updated from version 08/05 to version 02/12. 

EOBs/ERAs:  Download or print electronic EOBs. 

Minor Changes:
 Audit trail entry is created when a user logs on or logs off.
Manage eServices (patient portal, and mobile synch) from one window. 
Option to add a patient information area to Account module using Display Fields. 
Add a percentage discount to procedures in a treatment plan. 
Note box no longer shows on printed Treatment Plan when there is no note.  
Preference to show only grand total on printed treatment plans. 
New image category definition for printed patient treatment plans. 
Enhanced overlap logic for appointments.
Planned appointments logic enhanced. 
Group notes show after the last associated procedure. 
Blank print button on Send Claims window prints default claim form.  
Option to filter by payment type on the Daily Payments Report (e.g. EFT, Check).  
Option to hide completed payment plans on the Payment Plan Report.  
Ortho Chart security permission and audit trail.  
Task quick paste notes must have a category type of 'Task' to use shortcut
Block task popups when delivered to inbox.  
Enhanced error messages for backups. 
New preference to trigger a warning when selecting a non-patient in the Chart module. 
When sending a secure web mail notification, an address other than the default e-mail address can be used.  
Added Bridge to Apteryx XVWeb.
Added Bridge to HandyDentist.                                                                                                         Added Bridge to VinWinBase36 to convert PatNum into base 36.
Added Bridge to AudaxCeph. 
Added Bridge to PandaPerio. 
Added Bridge to iRYS. 
Added Bridge to visOra. 
Added Bridge to Z-Image. 

Added VistaDent bridge. 
TigerView bridge enhanced to pull thumbnails into Practice-Web. 
Rx Edit security permission.  
Insurance Payment Type category added to definitions (e.g. EFT, check).  
Added patient name and page number to printed progress notes. 
Time card management enhanced for easier navigation through multiple employees. 
Software name, provider name, and date information added to several print outs and windows needed for EHR audits. 
Auto Notes added to the Ortho Chart.  
Added Patient Clone tool to help ortho offices track production and income.
Added Multiple ICD9 diagnosis codes for procedures.                                                                   

PW Dental Version 14.2

Patient Portal: (This feature is for EHR customers only.) Can connect to office database making it more reliable or hosted.

Blue Theme: The first phase towards adding themes to Practice-Web is complete.

Medical Claim Form: 1500 claim form updated from version 08/05 to version 02/12.

Sheets: Patient images can be added to sheets.

EOBs/ERAs: Download or print electronic EOBs.

Canadian Procedure Codes: CDA codes are now available for download.

Minor Changes

Added Basic e-mail inbox.

  • Added VistaDent bridge.
  • TigerView bridge enhanced to pull thumbnails into Practice-Web.
  • Rx Edit security permission.
  • Insurance Payment Type category added to definitions (e.g. EFT, check).
  • Added patient name and page number to printed progress notes.
  • Time card management enhanced for easier navigation through multiple employees.
  • Software name, provider name, and date information added to several print outs and windows needed for EHR audits.
  • Auto Notes added to the Ortho Chart.
  • Added Patient Clone tool to help ortho offices track production and income.
  • Added Multiple ICD9 diagnosis codes for procedures.
PW Dental Version 14.1

EHR: Enhancements for MU and 2014 certification.

  • New measure calculations for Stage 2 Meaningful Use.
  • Three new EHR measure calculations to handle exclusions for vital signs.
  • CPOE medication orders include the optional alternate measure for measure calculation.
  • Use the Electronic Prescription interface for Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE) of medication orders.
  • Create CPOE laboratory and radiology orders.
  • Set up Clinical Decision Support interventions based on specific conditions for specific users.
  • Provide patients with the ability to access, download and transmit their health information online.
  • Send and receive encrypted e-mail from one provider to another using the Direct standard.
  • Vital signs includes optional exclusions.
  • Export a detailed summary of care CCDA for all patients.
  • Enhanced medication reconciliation of allergies, medications, and problems.
  • Record family health history.
  • Enter data for and report on 2014 Clinical Quality Measures (CQMs).
  • Enhanced patient lists.
  • Import medical laboratory results using HL7 Lab Results Interface (LRI).
  • Record electronic, searchable notes in patient records.
  • Support for medical codes including SNOMED CT, ICD9, ICD10, RxNorms, CPT, CDCREC, CVX, HCPCS, LOINC, SOP, and UCUM.
  • Support for InfoButton through MedLine Plus.
  • Generate electronic syndromic surveillance data (appointment observations) for submission to registries.
  • Enhanced entry and export of immunization data.
  • NIST time sync.

E-mail: Enhanced to include an inbox.

Timecard: Enhanced to correspond with ADP format requirements. Options for differential and overtime hours added. Time card management includes additional features to automate calculations and simplify error fixing.

Minor Changes
  • CDT 2015 Codes: The CDT codes for 2015 were released.
  • Electronic Dental Services (EDS) clearinghouse.
  • Wiki lists search and scrollbar behavior is enhanced.
  • Additional payment frequency options added to payment plan amortization schedules.
  • When anything is printed or copied within Practice-Web, a log entry is added to the audit trail.
  • Changes to popups are now tracked in a popup audit trail and deleted popups are permanently archived.
  • Schedules enhanced to include graphical chart of providers and employees scheduled on a single day.
  • MedicalInfoViewed permission logs an audit trail entry when the Medical window is viewed.
  • PatProbListEdit permission tracks additions, changes, and deletions to a patient's problems.
  • PatMedicationListEdit permission tracks additions, changes, and deletions to a patient's medications.
  • PatAllergyListEdit permission tracks additions, changes, and deletions to a patient's allergies.
  • ClaimX/ExtraDent added as an electronic billing option.
  • E-mail override added to dunning messages. [currentMonth] and [nameFLnoPref] added as e-mail variables.
  • Formatting can be applied to multiple lines at once in the Wiki.
  • Reduced number of clicks required in the Supply Inventory windows.
  • For Canadian users supernumerary teeth can be entered as 99.
PW Dental Version 13.1

Wiki: A full-blown wiki is now built into Practice-Web. This can be a place for any staff to put any shared content, including employee manual, processes, etc.

Procedure Locking: Will not be used by most offices. Includes ability to append notes to a locked procedure. A locked procedure cannot be edited or deleted, but it can be invalidated. All completed procedures in a date range may be locked at one time with a tool.

Email: Email setup now handles multiple email addresses. A default email address can be set for each clinic.

Spell Check: Some important text boxes in Practice-Web are now spell checked. Incorrect words are underlined with the option to replace with a suggested word or add to the custom dictionary.

Electronic Prescriptions: There is no longer a need to manually double-enter. Use

Minor Changes
  • HL7 interfaces now have additional settings for showing specific modules.
  • Primary providers for patients can now be reassigned by most used provider using a tool in the providers window.
  • On the Procedure Code window, the Description column now wraps so the entire description is visible.
  • Sheets now print exactly the same as the on-screen display instead of with slightly different spacing.
  • In the Images module, the 100 button sets the image zoom to 100%.
PW Dental Version 12.4

Images in Database: The automatic update process now works if storing images in the database.

Toothgrid Sheet Field: Sheet framework supports Tooth grids which can be used as either an input or output field.

Import Medical History: Patient allergies, medications, and problems can be imported using sheets. Works for both patient kiosk and web forms.

Import Insurance Plans: Primary and secondary insurance plans can be imported using sheets. Works for both patient kiosk and web forms.

Scanning: Six more scanning settings, and the settings are per workstation. This should help with some duplex scanning problems as well as speeding up the scanning process.

Electronic Rx: Can send Rx electronically, but it's still a double entry process. However this feature is considered to be incomplete for general use

HL7 Service: Multiple HL7 services allowed on the same computer, each for a different database. Also, Practice-Web tracks which HL7 service is connected to it, and it won't let a second HL7 service connect.

Generic HL7 Interface: Total control over the message structure. Add new custom interfaces as needed. TCP/IP interfaces available to avoid folder sharing issues.

HL7 Message History: See history of messages sent and received.

Program Links: Local path overrides.

Claim Fields: More claim fields added for 5010 and DentiCal: Original Reference Number, CLM01 Claim Identifier, Correction Type, and Date Resent.

eCW: Third integration mode called "full" which opens up nearly all Practice-Web features yet still passes all HL7 messages back and forth.

Timecards: Pay differential before a certain time of day. Report for all employees on one page, exportable for payroll service. Timecards print for all employees at once, multiple pages with detail.

Minor Changes
  • Recall table now has DateScheduled column. This will make the recall list fill faster.
  • A memo can now be added to deposit slips.
  • Insurance plans default to assignment of benefits checkbox.
  • Supply and Inventory interface overhauled.
  • Perio charting now supports positive gingival margins alias hyperplasia.
  • Medical history can now be printed.
  • Employee schedules grid in the appointment module can now show schedule notes.
  • Security permission added to restrict access to the billing window.
  • Security permission added for editing problems.
  • Checkboxes and Input sheet fields are now reportable.
  • Multiple problems at a time may now be selected and added to medical history.
  • Added program link for CaptureLink.
  • Custom languages can now be added to the language table.
  • SecurityLog key added so that appointment audit is for a single appointment only.
  • Sheet def edit, rectangle selection on perimeter allows underlying items to be clicked.
  • Option for appointment time locked by default. Also prevents recalculation of time when changing procedures.
  • Making appointments is faster now when double clicking or when using new buttons on the right.
  • Display field for procedure code abbreviation in Chart module Progress notes.
  • Age limit for prophy and fluoride on child recall appointment, instead of being hard coded to 12 years old.
  • QuickBooks, added button for sending an existing deposit and memo to QB.
  • QB bridge supports choosing from multiple income accounts when making deposit.
  • Batch insurance payment window, search field to filter by carrier. Security permission for creating a new carrier.
  • Appointment confirmation list can now be sorted to exclude or only show recall appointments.
  • Titlebar can now be set to show a patient's birthdate instead of Patient Number or Chart Number.
  • Security permission ImageDelete can have a date or days limitation.
  • Security permission for Dashboard added.
  • Default ICD9 code for procedures.
  • When using clinics, the payment edit window can show family balances grouped by provider. Security permission for editing
  • Auto Notes and Quick Notes added.
  • Added briges for Tscan, ClioSoft, BioPAK and RayMage.
  • Added 5010 999 and 5010 277eclaim acknowledgments.
  • Installment Plans added to the Account Module as an alternative to Payment Plans.
  • Batch insurance payment window now shows clinics.
  • When adding new providers, they are added above the currently selected providers.
  • Procedure button with exactly 6 codes on it of PA,PA+,PA+,PA+,PA+,PA+, will assign tooth numbers to the PA+ codes of 8,14,19,24 and 30 respectively.
  • Certain procedure codes assigned to one provider by default.
  • eCW completed procedures automatically attached to appointments.
  • Security permissions for adding/removing a referral from patient. Added in audit trail.
  • Claim Send window now has a date column and sorts by date.
  • Appointments for Patient window, added clinic and provider columns.
  • Equipment is now searchable by location.
PW Dental Version 12.1

Version 11.0 and higher requires DotNet 3.5 and 4.0, which should already be installed on newer computers and PCs that get regular updates. Upgrade MySql to version 5.5.

Scanning: Automatic document feeder support added. Scans multiple pages to a single pdf. Scans duplex (double sided)

Sheets Setup: Tools added for building sheets more quickly. Drag rectangle to select multiple items, align left or top, copy/paste, rubber stamp, tab order.

Dashboard: A single window showing many important practice parameters in graphical format.

Batch Insurance Payment: EOBs and the insurance checks that come with them can now be entered in a single batch window.

EOB scanning: Insurance Payments have a place to attach scanned EOBs for later reference.

E-claims: Medical and Institutional e-claims. New 5010 format available for all 3 claim types. Many fields added to support the new formats.

Coordination of Benefits: COB rules can be set per insurance plan as well as a global default.

Appointment Printing: The daily printout now prints sharper and has size customization options.

Popups for Family: Popups can now be family level or even superfamily level. Multiple popups per patient and/or family.

Referred Procedure Tracking: Individual procedures can now be referred out and their status tracked in a tool.

Command-line Arguments: Many more command-line arguments added so that specific Practice-Web databases, users, and patients may be launched from batch files, from shortcuts, and from other programs.

Central Enterprise Management Tool: Customers with multiple locations and separate databases now have a way to manage and interact with those separate databases from a centralized tool.

Superfamilies: Groups of families for unique situations such as nursing homes.

Clinics: Default clinics for patients based on user currently logged in.

CDT 2014 Codes: The CDT codes for 2014 were released.

Replication Monitor: This only applies to the few offices that use replication. If replication fails, PW Dental now responds by preventing further use of the slave database.

QuickBooks: Deposits can be automatically sent to QuickBooks.

Minor Changes
  • Fees Can be entered directly in the grid in the Procedure List window, and the Enter key can be used instead of the mouse. Aka 10-key entry.
  • Timecard day of week used for overtime calculations can be customized.
  • Quickpaste notes available on pop ups.
  • Claim field for custom tracking.
  • Patient merge now handles custom patient fields better.
  • Email statement fields: nameF, nameFL, PatNum.
  • CC repeating charges can be applied to payment plans.
  • Consent forms can now be sent to the kiosk.
  • Security permission for changing subscriber on existing plan.
  • Chart module can be made to load more quickly by not showing as many object types in the Show tab.
  • Chart module Progress Notes, order of rows has been overhauled.
  • Chart module, when show by teeth, group notes for associated teeth now show.
  • Chart module optimized to run twice as fast when entering new procedures. Only noticeable for users with slow connections.
  • Group notes can now aggregate individual procedure notes.
  • UB04 claimform now included.
  • Fee Schedules can no longer be hidden if in use by a Provider.
  • Sheets with multiple large background images work better.
  • Sheets, many more fields added, especially for routing slips.
  • Clinics: Filter recall list, confirmation list, unscheduled list, and billing list.
  • Unscheduled list, multiple appointments can be deleted at once.
  • Medications list can be printed.
  • All patients for one provider can be moved to another provider.
  • Image can be exported.
  • Procedure codes list, the Show Hidden button now has a default setting and is initially set not to hide anything.
  • Sending claims, clinic must be same for batch.
  • Security permissions added for Providers, EcwAppointmentRevise, ReferralAdd, ProcedureNote, and perio red numbers (part of Setup permission).
  • Added Apixia bridge
  • Appointment search behavior can now also look for open operatories and has better provider options.
PW Dental Version 11.0

Version 11.0 requires DotNet 3.5 and 4.0, which should already be installed on newer computers and computers that get regular updates.

EHR (electronic health record): Added for certain qualified providers.

Ortho Chart: A grid with customizable columns where dated entries can be made at each visit. Can track things like Uwire, Lwire, Hyg, Notes, Nex

Problems: The old Diseases feature was renamed to Problems and also split off into Allergies.

Drug Interactions: Interactions supported include: drug-drug, drug-allergy, and drug-problem. Both custom and default messages supported.

Minor Changes
  • Insurance tables normalized for easier bug tracking. Some queries have to be revised.
  • If you open multiple instances of PW, and then go to Choose Database window, correct current database will show.
  • eCW provider ID field added. Abbreviation can now be changed independently.
  • Patient fields: Checkbox type added.
  • Automatic logoff after a certain number of minutes.
  • Rx State ID field added to provider.
  • Lab cases window sortable by any column, has instructions column and print button.
  • GroupName added as an available field for claimforms.
  • Added Perio chart security.
  • Statements no longer show the current statement or 'unsent' in the grid.
  • Payment plan section, first line on statement, changed 'Balance' to 'Principal Remaining'.
  • TP module columns can be customized with Display Fields.
  • Added procedure prognosis, visible from TP and Chart.
  • Security permission to hide fee in procedure edit window.
  • Progress notes date range filter.
  • eCW users can now manually change patient fee schedules as an option.
  • eCW Chart module resizes better.
  • Patient.PatNum added as an available field to claim forms. Intended for box 23.
  • Show broken appointments on unscheduled list using a filter.