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E.H.R ? Meaningful use? What does it mean for you? Practice-Web breaks it down.

By now your office is well aware of the Affordable Care Act and the E.H.R Incentive Program. What you’re probably wondering now is, Does my office qualify? How do I get my share of the incentive money? And how can Practice-Web help? We put together a list of great resources from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services website for you and the steps you need to take to get your share of the money from the incentive program. Since most dentist will only qualify for the Medicaid Incentive Program most of the information in this article will concentrate on that incentive program.

Most Eligible Professionals ask “What is my time line? Are there deadlines I have to worry about?” The answer to this question is not really. The last year that you can register for the Medicaid Incentive Program is 2016. They will make payments to eligible professionals until 2021. See the table below.

  First Payment Received in 2011 First Payment Received in 2012 First Payment Received in 2013 First Payment Received in 2014 First Payment Received in 2015 First Payment Received in 2016
Payment Amount in 2011 $21,250.00          
Payment Amount in 2012 $8,500.00 $21,250.00        
Payment Amount in 2013 $8,500.00 $8,500.00 $21,250.00      
Payment Amount in 2014 $8,500.00 $8,500.00 $8,500.00 $21,250.00    
Payment Amount in 2015 $8,500.00 $8,500.00 $8,500.00 $8,500.00 $21,250.00  
Payment Amount in 2016 $8,500.00 $8,500.00 $8,500.00 $8,500.00 $8,500.00 $21,250.00
Payment Amount in 2017 $0.00 $8,500.00 $8,500.00 $8,500.00 $8,500.00 $8,500.00
Payment Amount in 2018 $0.00 $0.00 $8,500.00 $8,500.00 $8,500.00 $8,500.00
Payment Amount in 2019 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $8,500.00 $8,500.00 $8,500.00
Payment Amount in 2020 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $8,500.00 $8,500.00
Payment Amount in 2021 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $8,500.00
Total of Allowed Incentive Payments $63,750.00 $63,750.00 $63,750.00 $63,750.00 $63,750.00 $63,750.00

Payment reference table from Current information as of July 24th, 2014.

Before you get too excited you need to know that in years 2-5 you are going to have to report to your state Medicaid office and show Meaningful Use. This means that if you report to your state and they determine that you do not meet sufficient meaningful use then they can decide whether they pay you or not. Most dentists will not qualify for the maximum incentive payment. Good news for dentists is that if you try for second year and you don’t qualify, you can try again third or even fourth year and with more detailed data entry (Quality Measures your required to report for) in your Practice-Web software you could qualify for the subsequent payments until 2021. Now that you know that there is no rush, below are the steps you need to take to get started.

Now you are probably asking, how do I know if I qualify? To qualify for the monetary incentive at least 30% of the patients you treat, must be Medicaid or Medicare. It’s 20% if you are a pedo office. (Texas CHIP’s doesn’t count). If you qualify to participate the next step is to get E.H.R. Certified. Practice-Web has 2014 certified E.H.R. version for dental offices. If you qualify and are interested in being E.H.R. certified, Practice-Web has you covered. All you need is a provider key and an upgrade to E.H.R. certified version so you can apply with certification ID which you get from us.

Now let’s talk about "Meaningful Use". Yes, the government has a bunch of money to give you, however the idea is that you are making an effort to achieve a paperless office and improve patient care at the same time. In the first year you will automatically get your first year incentive money, this potentially be as much as $21,250. This money is a kind of good faith payment. The government is saying “we hope that you will put effort into going paperless so here is your start, but next year you will have to prove it”. Here comes “meaningful use”. In order to get any remaining incentive payments for the next four years you will have to give the ONC (The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology) a series of very specific reports showing that you are making an effort to be paperless and improve patient care. You will get paid a percentage of the incentive money based on your percentage of Medicaid treatment and “meaningful use” (effort to go paperless) this could be as much as $8,500. However if after seeing the reports the ONC doesn’t approve then you do not get your money for that year. It doesn’t mean you wouldn’t get it in year three after submitting your reports however for year two, no money for you. Now with the Medicare program if you don’t show sufficient “meaningful use” they will start docking your future Medicare payments. Therefore, if you are going to take part in this program make sure you are serious about seeing it through to the end.

An important point to know! Most offices that qualify to participate in the Incentive program DO NOT qualify for the maximum amount of incentive money. They actually pay you based on a percentage of the Medicaid or Medicare patients you see for a total up to $63.750 (for Medicaid) or $44,000 (Medicare) whichever is the lesser amount. Check with your local Medicaid office to see how much you could qualify for.

Step 1: Do you qualify to participate in the Medicaid Incentive Program? If you are a current Practice-Web customer, there is a query (EHR Licensing and Usage) that you can run to determine if you are eligible.

Step 2: Register with There are a few items you will want to have together before registering. Click here for a check list. You can click here for a Registration Instruction Guide.

Step 3: Get Practice-Web E.H.R. certified version and Certification ID. You will need this when you report for Meaningful Use.

You can download a tip sheet from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid services website that is tremendously helpful in figuring out how the incentive program works. Practice-Web will do whatever we can to assist you with this process if it is something you are interested in. Beware, there are some E.H.R. companies out there that might try to sell you their certification for a percentage of your incentive money (we have seen as much as 25%). If you qualify, this is your money. Don’t let some company take it away from you. Practice-Web will not charge you a penny of your incentive money. Just a small fee for the license. Once you get your incentive check, it’s all yours!

Good luck and call us if you would like assistance.

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