Tutorials & Webinars


Practice-Web provides over 50 instructional videos as a part of technical support. These video tutorials and videos on advanced features are located below. Each tutorial shows how to use specific advanced features such as creating Consent Forms, etc. Our training department has prepared initial training videos as Tutorials for the Front Office and the Back Office. Click here for . These tutorials serve as refresher courses after the initial one-on-one training. 

Video Tutorials

The Advanced video tutorials include Hidden Gems (7 videos), Beyond Basics (8 videos) and Revenue Enhancers (4 videos). Beyond Basics section includes Customizing Procedure buttons, Customizing Appointment Views, Entering notes without typing, Using Watch feature in chart, Using blockouts for effective time management and Installing Direct-X for Graphical Perio Chart.

Hidden Gems

Beyond Basics

Revenue Enhancers


Every two to three months Practice-Web Training Department conducts online Webinars to explain a broader topic or new product or service. If the office staff could not attend the Webinar, we provide the recording of the Webinar for viewing (current support is required).

Click here for Back to Basics Webinar

Click here for Sheets Framework Webinar