Practice-Web Dental Software (Paperless solution, E-Prescription, EHR-certified) $139/month*^

Includes 2-hr training, 12-months support & upgrades, FREE Patient Registration for six months, FREE Graphs Analyzer for 12 months ($149 value).

Automated Text and Email Reminders (PromptCalls) by Practice-Web starting $49/month* (Regular price: $99/month)

Unlimited Text & Email confirmations for appointments, recalls, birthdays, etc. customized by patient. Setup fee $100.

Automated Patient Reviews by Practice-Web starting $49/month* (Regular price: $99/month)

Unlimited Patient Reviews with real-time update to office website and links to Google+, FaceBook, Yelp, Yahoo Local, Bing, etc. Setup fee $100.

InfoStar Patient Education System Package $3995*  or starting $40/month per user per location

Includes site license, Practice-Web Paperless Management software with ($900 OFF), 2-hr phone training, user guide, 6 months support & upgrades

Integrated Telephony with Smart CallerID starting $99/month* (Regular price: $149/month)

Identify incoming Patient Info to diagnose revenue. Optimize insurance, track recalls and treatment plans. no external hardware required.  Setup fee $199.

Owandy Digital Radiography Package (list price: 13,995) $9,995*

Includes size #1 & #2 Opteo Direct USB sensors, Imaging software (site license) and Rinn holders (high quality sensor, 26 lp/mm).

*Special Offer expires on 05/31/2017. ^12-months ACH agreement required.
All Packages Integrate Seamlessly with Practice-Web!
Digital Radiography & Infostar may qualify for $5000 tax credit under Americans with Disabilities Act Section 44 (cost of item not to exceed $10,250) and Section 179 deduction. Please check with your CPA.