Accounts and Billing

With our powerful accounts module,
get paid on time and focus on patient care.

Get Paid, On Time

Getting paid on time for your dental work is just as important as the treatment itself. Practice-Web helps you quickly send billing statements and claims, accurately post patient payments and insurance reimbursements, and precisely track outstanding balances. Also, our modern technology will speed up your cash flow: Use pay-by-text to automatically ask patients to pay their balance via text after receiving insurance reimbursement. Send insurance claims electronically and review status reports from within Practice-Web.

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Individual and Family Balances at a Glance

You don’t need to do your own calculations to figure out family balances. Simply click on the entire family entry in the Account module to view the total family balance owed. Effortlessly switch between family members to review individual account ledgers. Aged balances are clearly displayed in the Family Aging section, along with estimated coverage from insurance.

Process Payments Efficiently

It’s easy to post payments to a patient’s account and allocate payments to family balances using the auto-split feature. Speed up your cash flow by processing credit card payments via text with ProPay, or conventionally through PayConnect. Setup custom payment types to categorize and track payments.

Set Up and Track Payment Plans

You can quickly set up patient and insurance payment plans based on specific terms in Practice-Web. Apply payments to the plans as received, and close out plans when ready. Allocate payments to procedures covered by the payment plan, while maintaining a separate record for other services in the patient’s account ledger.

Distribute Individual Billing Statements

Print or email various types of billing statements directly from a family account. Choose from five statement types including walk-out, receipt, invoice, limited and custom statements. Use the custom option to select what information to list on the statements such as date range, credit card payment info, combining family accounts and more!

Save Time with Batch Billing Statements

Save time by generating batch billing statements to send or print from Practice-Web. Use the filter options to create an accurate list of patients to whom you want to send the statements via print, email or electronically with DentalXChange. Add dunning and alert messages on statements for specific aged accounts.

Send Individual or Batch Insurance Claims

Process insurance claims directly in Practice-Web. Create dental or medical claims in the patient’s account ledger; and submit them from the patient’s account, or in a batch method using the Send Claims feature. Print claims to mail them or submit them electronically through a clearinghouse such as ClaimConnect.

Post Insurance Reimbursement

Quickly post all reimbursements and EOBs on insurance claims. You can allocate reimbursement and write-offs by procedure or post payments as a total on the claim. Use the Supplemental feature to add any additional insurance payments on received claims, or to adjust any amounts paid by insurance.

Use Multiple Claim Forms

Practice-Web comes with several claim forms, including the ADA 2012, CMA 1500, Denti-Cal, and UB-04 forms. Also, you can edit any existing claim form to a particular insurance carrier’s preferences. Print the claim information right to the form or print a blank claim form for manual entry. For maximum flexibility, you can even add custom claim forms for other insurance carriers like Medicaid.