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You’ve read about the amazing features of Practice-Web. Now watch our interesting videos to see Practice-Web in action! Also learn about more advanced features as well as our Smart Tools and integrated services. Just select a category below, click on your video of interest and enjoy!

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Tutorials and Webinars

  • Introduction

    Quick Overview

    Length: 2:55 minutes

    Detailed Overview

    Length: 8:54 minutes

    Back to the Basics

    Length: 1:05:05 hours

    Front Office Training

    Length: 43:01 minutes

    Setting Up Practice Info

    Length: 1:35 minutes

    Entering Provider Info

    Length: 1:37 minutes

    Adding Fee Schedules

    Length: 3:11 minutes

    Setting Up Practice Schedule

    Length: 2:59 minutes

    Creating Appointments

    Length: 3:45 minutes

    Adding Patient Info

    Length: 3:41 minutes

    Entering Treatment

    Length: 2:38 minutes

    Creating Claims and Payments

    Length: 1:54 minutes

    Practice-Web User's Guide

    Length: 1:01 minutes

    Backing Up Practice-Web Data

    Length: 4:17 minutes

  • Next Steps

    Appointment Lists

    Length: 6:28 minutes

    Schedule Blockouts

    Length: 3:16 minutes

    Custom Appointment Views

    Length: 5:29 minutes

    Patient Forms

    Length: 9:53 minutes

    Online Patient Registration

    Length: 4:36 minutes

    Patient Kiosk

    Length: 6:13 minutes

    Chart Procedure Buttons

    Length: 7:34 minutes

    Treatment Watch

    Length: 3:10 minutes

    Perio Charting

    Length: 3:57 minutes

    Lab Case Tracking

    Length: 3:55 minutes

    Patient Statements

    Length: 6:43 minutes

    Outstanding Insurance Claims

    Length: 5:56 minutes

    Supplies and Inventory

    Length: 4:35 minutes

    Contact List

    Length: 2:38 minutes

    Treatment Plan Analyzer

    Length: 3:18 minutes

    Custom Practice Reports

    Length: 3:33 minutes

    Practice-Web Analyzer

    Length: 6:34 minutes

    Email and Text Messaging

    Length: 7:38 minutes

    Task List

    Length: 6:49 minutes

    Automation Framework

    Length: 3:34 minutes

    Dentist Portal

    Length: 2:03 minutes

  • Smart Tools

    Introducing pwConnect

    Length: 1:47 minutes

    Introducing pwReviews

    Length: 1:41 minutes

    Introducing PatientEnroll

    Length: 3:04 minutes

    pwConnect Overview

    Length: 3:24 minutes

    pwReviews Overview

    Length: 2:01 minutes

  • Integrated Services


    Length: 2:13 minutes

    ProPay Signup

    Length: 1:02 minutes

    Online Scheduling

    Length: 1:48 minutes


    Length: 4:17 minutes