Patient Payment Plans

Offer payment plans to your patients
and let DocPay handle the rest!

Easy and Free Payment Plan Processing

DocPay provides an easy and free method to process your patient's recurring payments. The practice gets paid automatically and on time without having "discount fees" subtracted and no processing fees (not even card processing fees). Patients pay no interest and don't have to submit to a credit check.

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Delegate Recurring Payments to DocPay

DocPay is the easiest and only no-cost method to process recurring payments. Payments happen automatically, so everything is paid on time. And it’s free for your practice. There are no signup fees, monthly fees, or setup fees. Most importantly, unlike other finance companies, there are no percentage-based discount fees or transaction fees; you don’t even pay card processing fees! DocPay believes that if a patient is extended the privilege of a payment plan, then the responsibility for the fees should fall on the patient, not the practice!

Low Cost to Patients for Payment Plans

DocPay’s payment plans are also a great deal for your patients. They pay no interest and there are no “promotional periods” like those offered by other finance companies. There are no credit checks on the patient and DocPay’s plans do not affect a patient’s credit. The service fees are low and reasonable: If the payment is by ACH (electronic check), a $3 fee is added to each payment, regardless of the size of the payment. If the payment is by credit or debit card, a higher fee (based on the payment size) is charged since DocPay must pay the card processing fees. Also, patients are emailed reminders by DocPay a couple of days before the payment hits their account in case they need to make a deposit to cover the payment.

Guaranteed Payment Plans at Lowest Cost

DocPay also offers guaranteed card-based payment plans so you don’t have to worry about whether or not the patient will pay. You get paid in full even if the patient closes their credit card account before the payment plan is complete! These payment plans use the patient's existing credit line on a MasterCard or VISA credit card rather than establishing a new credit line with a finance company. The practice pays the market-best low fee of only $1 per payment, plus 1% of the payment amount to secure the guarantee. That’s less than you would pay in card processing fees if the patient were to use a card to pay in full at the time of service! The patient pays the same transaction fee they would pay for a DOCPAY card-based payment plan that is not guaranteed

Quick DocPay Setup and Reports for Posting Payments

Creating payment plans is a snap! First, sign up for DocPay by calling 800.936.2729 (be sure to let them know you are a Practice-Web client). After you get a DocPay account, just enter the payment plan information into the online system, print out an authorization for the patient to sign and you're done! Payments are automatically deducted from your patient's bank account or charged to their credit or debit card on the scheduled date. Then, once a week you’ll receive a report showing the individual payments that have been collected. You’ll post them into Practice-Web’s Account module just as if the patient had given you a payment in person. And that's it - simple, easy payment plans! Click here to sign up or attend a free 30-minute "No More Fees" webinar.