Technical Support

Our Support Team is ready to help you use
Practice-Web to its fullest potential!

We Are Right There With You

When you join the Practice-Web family, we will take care of you! That includes initial training all the way to resolving technical issues and learning more about our productivity and revenue-boosting features. We do what it takes to help you use Practice-Web and make your life easier. If we need to remotely access your computer to get the job done, we will.

Our Support Team is made up of highly experienced and friendly specialists who know what they’re doing.  And we don’t make you send a detailed request for help and make you wait days for a response like other vendors do.  You can reach our Support Team anytime Monday-Friday, 6 am-5 pm PT at 800.845.9379, Option 2 or!

Request Support

How Can We Help?

If you need help to resolve any technical issues, use the powerful hidden gems in Practice-Web, or integrate third party services, we’ve got your back. Our highly qualified Support Team has been doing this for so long that we likely have the answer you’re looking for. If not, we’ll find it for you quickly.

A few examples are handling unusual insurance coverage, payment or adjustment situations, security issues in Practice-Web, using revenue-boosting reports, third-party software integration, and adding Practice-Web to a new server or workstation. We will even remote in to your computer to resolve issues or show you features whenever helpful.

Remote Support

We may remote into your computer to help you with Practice-Web. Please select the applicable remote access option below as directed by our Support Team.