eClaims and Eligibility Check

Check benefits before you treat and get
fast reimbursement with ClaimConnect!

Get Reimbursed with eClaims and Eligibility Check

Sending insurance claims electronically is a “no-brainer” in this day and age. It is the most reliable and fastest method of getting reimbursement. Practice-Web has partnered with ClaimConnect by DentalXChange to take your e-claims to the next level. This partnership provides fully integrated claims submission, electronic eligibility and benefits check, and a claims attachment service. With Practice-Web and ClaimConnect, you can improve your revenue cycle, expedite reimbursements, and reduce follow-up time with payers!

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Send eClaims with ClaimConnect

Although you can choose from several clearinghouses, we recommend ClaimConnect by DentalXChange for eclaims, eligibility and benefits check, and electronic attachments. You can submit directly from Practice-Web via a secure protocol; no third-party program to download and install. ClaimConnect offers direct connections to most major insurance companies meaning less "hops" in between you and the payer, and faster payments. It is the only service that offers real-time claim processing for MetLife claims, providing an EOB within moments of claim submission. Also, ClaimConnect provides online claims management to view, track, edit and even resubmit claims with a few mouse clicks and keystrokes.

Eligibility and Benefits Check

Using ClaimConnect, you can electronically verify a patient's insurance eligibility and benefits in real time (e.g., percentages, deductibles, maximums and limitations), right from within Practice-Web! Eligibility requests retrieve benefits information for insurance subscribers and non-subscribers.

Easy Claim Attachments

It’s easy to send supporting documentation for your insurance claims! Send the e-claim through Practice-Web (and mark the attachments), then add the actual attachments via ClaimConnect online. Electronically attach x-rays, perio charts, EOBs, narratives and all other documentation required by a payer to adjudicate a dental claim. This leads to a higher claim acceptance rate and will save time and money. ClaimConnect will even alert you if a claim requires an attachment by placing it under the Claims Needing Attachment section. For efficiency, you can customize attachment rules by payer, provider or location. Also, quickly resubmit requested attachments and view submitted claims along with associated attachments.

Manage All eClaims in One Place

You can manage your e-claims in Practice-Web in the Insurance Claims window. You can send e-claims as part of a batch, view a history of sent claims and reports, and view and process Electronic EOBs (ERA 835s) received from a clearinghouse. Also create batch e-claims for unbilled procedures.

Flexibility to Choose Your Clearinghouse

Besides ClaimConnect, Practice-Web gives you the flexibility of using several other clearinghouses. For example, we support Change Healthcare (formerly Emdeon, WebMD, Envoy), Tesia, Electronic Dental Services, Renaissance, Apex and more! Simply enter the relevant information in the clearinghouse setup screen and you are good to go.