Automated Text Reminders

Use automated and two-way texting to
boost appointments and reduce no-shows!

Increase Appointments and Confirmations

If you want to reach patients in today’s mobile age, you need texting. With pwConnect, use automated and two-way texting to improve your appointment confirmations, reminders and recalls. Patients can confirm appointments via text (which automatically updates your schedule) or ask to reschedule their treatment. Staff can text back and forth with patients right from within Practice-Web. Also, on-demand texting allows you to message patients for any reason, schedule planned treatment, and send out marketing specials by plan type.

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Automated Confirmations, Reminders and Recalls

Use pwConnect to reduce no-shows, boost confirmations and schedule new appointments! pwConnect automatically sends appointment reminders and confirmations to patients via text. You set the frequency and schedule for the reminders and confirmations. You can also text reminders for recalls in order to increase appointments. Create goodwill with patients with birthday greetings and more!

Automatically Update Your Schedule with Confirmations

Patients can confirm their appointments via text. When they do so, the confirmation status of the appointment in Practice-Web automatically changes to confirmed! No need to track the confirmations and manually change the statuses.

Two-Way Texting to Reschedule Appointments

Life is unpredictable. If a patient is no longer available for a scheduled appointment, he or she can directly reply to the text reminder in order to reschedule. All texts will pop up in Practice-Web and you can reply to patients right from your appointment screen.

On-Demand Texting for Planned Treatment and Marketing

Text your patients for any reason from Practice-Web. Also send on-demand texts to patients due for recall by plan type or those without appointments in next six months, as well as custom marketing messages. Looking to get a treatment scheduled? Text your patients based on the unscheduled list of appointments and planned treatment tracker.