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Don't just survive–we can help your dental office thrive with
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The Practice-Web Advantage

You need a practice management solution that not only gets the job done but champions your success. A partner that helps you keep your schedule full, provide first-class clinical treatment, and get reimbursed on time for your hard work.

Discover Practice-Web—a true partner in your success! And unlike other vendors who force you to cobble together a fragmented solution, Practice-Web has everything you need in one place—powerful, easy and affordable.

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Go Completely Paperless

Going paperless is not just a “nice idea.” It’s essential to build an efficient and productive dental office. allows you to maximize your patient care and bottom line. Of course Practice-Web offers advanced scheduling, charting, billing and so on, removing the need for paper charts and claims. But we also help you go completely paperless.

Think automated and two-way texting for recalls (no more postcards), online and iPad-based check-in, registration and forms (no more paper forms), and pay-by-text (no more mailed invoices). It might take you time to get there—don’t worry, we’ll help you transition to the promised land at your own pace!

Keep Your Schedule Full

We know how competitive the dentistry has become. Practice-Web helps you make appointments quickly, use revenue-boosting patient lists to fill your chairs, and view critical patient info at a glance.

Also, use automated and two-way texting to prevent cancellations, increase appointments, and update confirmations in your schedule. What’s more is that you can automatically request online reviews via text after every appointment to boost your online reputation and get more patients in the door!

Chart Precisely and Increase Case Acceptance

Charting and treatment planning are the core of a dentist’s practice. We make that process much more effective with Practice-Web. Our 3-D tooth chart allows you to document existing, referred, current, and planned treatment, and show shifting, rotating, tipping, retention and even edentulism. The quick buttons let you chart multiple procedures at a time and use preset surfaces for composites and amalgams.

You can also treatment plan and set appointments right from the chart. When it comes time to present a case for acceptance, you can prioritize treatments, clearly show fees and coverage, and get the plan signed electronically by your patient.

Get Paid for Your Efforts, On Time

There’s nothing worse than providing first-class treatment and then having to chase down insurers and patients for reimbursement. Practice-Web helps you not only survive financially, but thrive.

Confirm insurance eligibility and benefits in real time, quickly submit preauthorizations and eclaims for an optimal acceptance rate, and track outstanding claims so nothing slips through the cracks. Also, with features like automated pay-by-text and merchant card processing, dramatically speed up your patient payments.

Manage Your Team Effectively

As captain of your dental “ship,” you might feel that your crew rows in different directions. With Practice-Web, you can get everyone rowing together towards success.

Use interoffice messaging and operatory alerts to have an efficient patient flow during clinic. Detailed task lists allow your team to track and complete all critical tasks and assign them to the right people as needed. Also, easily manage employee time cards, schedules, and statuses.

Take Your Practice’s Pulse and Improve

It can be a hard to sift through your practice’s data and figure out how things are going. Practice-Web makes that process extremely simple. Access more than 60 powerful reports to get the information you need. For example, analyze production and income based on any date range and by specific providers or clinics. Review your daily procedures, payments and adjustments, and tie up loose ends by checking on incomplete procedure notes.

Stay on top of billing with detailed aging reports, claims not yet submitted, outstanding claims, and procedures not billed to insurance. See where you can improve by evaluating your case acceptance rate, checking your referral production and which providers you might need to thank or educate better, and analyzing outstanding treatment plans and unused benefits. If all that isn’t enough, you can also create unique reports with our custom queries.

Everything In One Solution

Look around and you’ll find that other practice management vendors will offer you 50% of what you need and send you elsewhere for things like patient communication and marketing, online reviews, insurance eclaims and eligibility check, online registration and more. Then, even when you cobble together the different products, they don’t play nice with each other.

Not with us. We provide a fully integrated “web of solutions” to our successful dentists. Everything from the features mentioned above to e-prescribing to merchant card processing. If you need it for practice management, we have it. Consider us your “one-stop shop” to help your office thrive!

The Best Pricing, Anywhere

After learning about everything Practice-Web can do, you might expect exorbitant pricing and hidden fees. Well, be pleasantly surprised.

We offer the best pricing when compared to similar practice management solutions, by far. And unlike other vendors, we don’t hide our pricing and force you to call us to find out. Just check out the pricing section.

A Team of Specialists to Serve You

We don’t just provide you with our powerful solution and send you on your way. We have a highly skilled and friendly team of support specialists ready to help when you need it.

They will guide you from installation and training to simple questions about Practice-Web to important topics like upgrading the software, adding computers, and expanding your smart tools. Our team has helped more than 1,700 dentists thrive during the entire life of their practices.