Management and Reports

Coordinate your clinic and plug revenue leakages
with Practice-Web!

Manage and Analyze Your Practice

To be successful, you need to manage your staff effectively and prevent any revenue leakages. Practice-Web helps you do just that with its Management and Reports modules. The Management module includes several productivity tools like interoffice messaging, employee time cards, pop-up tasks, and database back-ups. The Reports module includes more than 60 valuable reports that help you track insurance claims and patient balances, analyze production and revenue, capture year-end insurance benefits and much more!

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Interoffice Staff Messaging

Using Practice-Web, your providers and staff can text messages back and forth to have an efficient workflow in the clinic. Set each button with predefined messages to specific recipients or manually type messages. You can even assign colors and sounds to messaging buttons to communicate alert such as operatory readiness or phone assistance. Tailor the buttons and messages to your practice’s needs!

Employee Time Cards

Easily track employee hours and vacation time with the Time Card feature. Quickly set up several pay periods based on your custom schedule and create time event rules for overtime and breaks over 30 minutes. Employees can easily clock in and out with the reason for clocking out. Analyze total hours by employee on a daily or weekly basis, and even export all time cards to submit to ADP for payroll!

Pop-Up Tasks

Use pop-up tasks to create and delegate important action items to staff members. Attach the specific patient or appointment related to the task and easily access it with the “Go To” button. Set up reminders and repeating tasks to keep track of time-specific or general to-do’s. Assign colors and more to categorize the tasks!

Painless Back-Ups

Nobody enjoys backing up data, but it’s a necessary step to manage your database. Practice-Web simplifies the process with a back-up feature that locates your current data and the drive where you want to save a copy. You can even verify that your backups are useable through the restore feature.


Stay On Top of Insurance Claims

Generate a list of insurance claims that need follow-up with the Outstanding Insurance Claims report. Use the same report to note any progress made on follow-up with the Tracking Status feature. This report includes both production and pre-authorization claims.

Track Aged Balances

The Aging Report lists all aged patient and insurance balances. Choose from the filter options to exclude or see any negative balances. By default, Practice-Web ages daily, so keeping the default “As Of” filter date will relay the most current balances owed to you.

Analyze Production and Revenue

Use several reports to analyze your practice’s production and revenue based on specific custom criteria. For example, the Daily Payments Report shows all payments collected and entered into Practice-Web. Run the report by date range, by check or by patient to see what payments were distributed to specified providers. Patient payments, insurance payments, and any unearned payments will be listed.

Capture Year-End Insurance Benefits

When it’s the end of the year, generate a list of patients with remaining insurance benefits who still have outstanding treatment. The same list allows you to create letters or labels to send to patients. Once compiled, you can print labels and letters by patient. Use the Default Email feature to directly send year-end benefits letters to your patients!