Online Patient Reviews

Use pwReviews to attract new patients
with your glowing online reputation!

Build a Glowing Online Reputation

The #1 way to attract new patients is online reviews! Use pwReviews to automatically ask patients for a review after each appointment via text and email. You customize the reviews, asking about anything from chairside manners to staff communication. Good reviews are automatically posted to your practice website, and patients are directed to your social media sites. This will build your online reputation! You can evaluate all reviews (good and bad) right from within Practice-Web.

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Get Online Reviews after Each Appointment

pwReviews automatically asks patients for an online review after each appointment via text and email. No need to send survey requests to individual patients or ask them to go to your social media sites. pwConnect lets you collect positive reviews to quickly build your online reputation!

Customize Reviews for Your Office

Sometimes you want more than just a generic rating of your treatment. pwReviews allows you to customize reviews to ask patients what matters to your practice such as chairside manners, appointment scheduling, wait times, staff communication and more. Use the valuable feedback to reward good performance or make improvements as needed!

Automatically Post Good Reviews on Your Website and Social Media

pwReviews filters out bad reviews (based on your settings) and automatically posts good reviews to your practice website. Also, good reviewers are presented with links to your social media sites in order to post their positive comments there. Watch your glowing online reputation build quickly and automatically!

Evaluate All Reviews in Practice-Web

You can evaluate all patient reviews (good and bad) right from within Practice-Web. Use your patient’s comments to reward your staff members or make improvements and follow up with specific patients!