Online Patient Reviews

Use pwReviews to attract new patients
with your glowing online reputation!

Build a Glowing Online Reputation

Online reputation is the #1 factor in attracting new patients. With pwReviews, you can easily take control of your online reputation, automatically request reviews, increase your online footprint, and address any customer service issues internally, so your practice thrives even more.

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Automatically Request Post-Appointment Reviews

pwReviews automatically reaches out to your patients via text message or email a few hours after their appointment and requests feedback. There’s a brief delay to allow you time to prevent a review request from going out if you wish, and patients coming in for multiple appointments in a short timespan only receive a single request, to help ensure a positive experience.

screenshot of patient text message asking for review after an appointment
screenshot of patient email asking for review after a dental appointment

Customize Requests to Suit Your Practice

Review requests can be tailored to the information your practice wants to know. Ask for a simple star rating to encourage more reviews, leave space for a comment, and more.

Screenshot of a review request with the option to select a star-rating only
Screenshot of a review request with the option to select a star-rating and add a comment

Watch as Four and Five-Star Reviews Populate Your Website

Rave reviews can be set to automatically appear on your practice website—you choose whether you’d only like the five-star reviews to appear or if four-star reviews are ok too. pwReviews automatically filters out anything less than four stars to give your practice the opportunity to address it internally and keep your external reputation positive.

Screenshot of how patient reviews through pwReviews are displayed on a dentist's website

Automatically Send Happy Patients Links to External Review Sites

Patients who leave positive reviews automatically receive a follow-up message asking them to share their feedback on other review platforms of your choosing, such as Facebook, Google, and Yelp! This expands your reach exponentially and can even help your practice website rank higher in search results.

Screenshot of a patient being directed to Facebook, Yelp!, and Google to leave a review after leaving a positive review via pwReviews

Evaluate Review Results Instantly from within Practice-Web

Click the pwReviews button within Practice-Web to explore all your reviews and review reports. You can reward staff members when they receive positive feedback or use patient comments to make improvements and follow up with specific patients.

Screenshot of Practice-Web dental practice management software that shows an integrated pwReviews button in the toolbar at the top
Screenshot of the pwReviews dentist interface showing all patient reviews
Screenshot of the pwReviews dentist interface showing the overall patient happiness score and analytics

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