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Fill Your Schedule and Save Time with Online Scheduling

The facts are clear: 77% of patients want to self-schedule and 38% of appointments are scheduled after hours. When you leverage Appointment Automation, the Practice-Web Smart Tool by PatientXpress, you deliver on patient expectations and give your practice a competitive advantage, so you effortlessly fill your schedule quickly. Simply set up your scheduling rules, add your online booking button to your website and social media profiles, and watch your Practice-Web Appointments module automatically fill with bookings.

24/7 Online Scheduling for New and Existing Patients

Appointment Automation empowers both new and existing patients to self-appoint from anywhere on the web. Add your scheduling link to your practice website or your social media profiles on sites like Yelp! and Facebook or even directly to your Google Local listing. When patients click your online booking button, they’re automatically taken to a list of appointment types you’ve pre-selected and are walked through the intuitive booking process, which includes a verification process to ensure your appointment book is filled with authentic patients. Patients also verify the appointment via email and get a confirmation with appointment details and the ability to add the appointment to their calendar.

Dentist Page on Facebook with Book Now Button

Complete Integration for Streamlined Workflows

Appointments are automatically added to your Practice-Web Appointments module, complete with procedure codes, any notes the patient has added, and contact information. Patient forms are also included as part of the onboarding process for streamlined booking, ensuring your office has all the information it needs to provide comprehensive care. This seamless integration also puts patients in your native workflows, so they receive reminders just as any other patient would, saving your office staff even more time.

Practice-Web Appointments Module Showing Appointments Booked Online

Customizable to Fit Your Practice Perfectly

Virtually every aspect of Appointment Automation can be customized to suit the needs of your practice. You’re in total control of which providers patients can schedule with, what procedures are available, which operatories can be scheduled in, and the times available. Forms, verbiage throughout, and special instructions can be customized too. If your office prefers, a booking fee or deposit can be required to reduce late cancellations and no-shows as well. These features ensure the online booking process feels like a natural extension of your practice.

Practice-Web Online Patient Booking Office Interface

Email, Text, and Remote Booking Provides a Solution for Every Situation

Your online booking link can be shared via text or email too, allowing your practice to completely automate the recall booking process, invite patients on your Practice-Web lists to complete unscheduled treatment or come in sooner, and more. The application can be used as a remote scheduling tool as well, ideal if your practice participates in conferences or events and for those that leverage the work-from-home model.

Experience it Firsthand

There's so much more to the Online Scheduling Smart Tool than we can showcase here. If you'd like a tour of it and other Practice-Web features that will help your dental practice thrive, please request a complimentary demo.

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