Dental and Perio Charts

Whether it’s for periodic exams or complex procedures,
Practice-Web provides a powerful and intuitive charting experience.

Chart Precisely

Practice-Web’s charting is a powerful partner that helps you provide excellent patient care. From stunning 3-D charts that include all types of treatments and tooth movement, to quick buttons that make charting as efficient as possible, recording your patient’s oral health is a breeze. Also, you can plan appointments right from within the chart and create custom views of progress notes based on your needs. Perio charting is also efficient with auto advancing from tooth to tooth, voice commands for measurements, color coding and analysis of perio health.

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Powerful and 3-D Tooth Chart

It's easy to chart your patient's clinical presentation with our 3-D tooth chart! Enter and color code existing, planned, referred and other types of treatment. Show edentulism, primary and permanent dentition, or a mixed dentition. Document any shifting, rotating, tipping, and even tooth retention. Even use the draw function to add custom graphics and notes.

Spend Time on Patient Care, Not Charting

Charting should boost your patient care, not slow it down. With our procedure and quick buttons, dental charting is a breeze! Use preset buttons for restorative surfaces with procedures like amalgams and composites. Customize the button list to include your common procedures. Create quick buttons to chart all procedures in multi-stage treatment plans like crowns, implants, orthodontics and more.

Plan Appointments from the Chart

Plan appointments right from the dental chart to move along your patient’s treatment! Select the procedures, provider, and amount of time needed for each planned treatment. Assign scheduling to staff members to follow up with your patients and get them booked quickly.

View Clinical Information Quickly

See all of your progress notes in the dental chart at a glance, including all procedures with statuses, procedure notes, appointments, patient communications, emails, lab cases, prescriptions, patient forms and more. Create custom chart views to only see the progress notes you need with detailed or basic information.

Efficient Perio Charting

Perio charting is also a breeze with Practice-Web. Auto advance from tooth to tooth to record calculation index and numbers, probing, mobility, furcation, clinical attachment loss, gingival margin, and mucogingival junction. Mark unhealthy measurements as red based on your settings. You can even use Voice Commands to record measurements while examining in the chair!

Practice-Web even calculates and color codes the percentage of teeth that have plaque, bleeding, calculus or suppuration. All historical perio measurements can be viewed simultaneously to track your patient’s progress. Also, educate your patient on their periodontal health using our beautiful 3-D perio chart.