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With electronic prescriptions for controlled substances (EPCS) mandates creeping across the United States, most dental practices are required to prescribe Schedule II drugs electronically. DoseSpot, Practice-Web’s integrated EPCS and Surescripts-Certified eRx Smart Tool, streamlines your workflow with a single portal and sign-on and intuitive interface for faster prescribing of both regular and controlled substances while empowering you to provide an advanced level of care by placing an unprecedented amount of information at your fingertips.

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Seamless Integration with Your Practice-Web Software

Prescribing through DoseSpot falls into your natural Practice-Web workflow to save you time. Simply click the eRx button in the top toolbar from the Chart module and the selected patient’s information automatically carries over.

Practice-Web single sign-on for electronic prescriptions


DoseSpot will also automatically know who you are based on how you’re logged into Practice-Web. As a Provider with prescribing privileges, you can complete the full workflow. Other User Types in Practice-Web are able to examine information in DoseSpot and queue prescriptions up for the Provider. This creates a Notification for the Provider next to the eRx button, so the prescription can be reviewed and sent when time allows. Providers receive similar notifications for refill requests and when there’s an issue with a prescription, allowing you to effortlessly stay on top of prescriptions without ever leaving your practice management hub.

You’ll also find features such as two-way medication synching that eliminates data entry and errors from hand keying for faster, safer prescribing.

two-way medication synch Practice-Web eRx



Intuitive Interface

DoseSpot walks you through the process, automatically filling in information and auto-suggesting options to save you time.

DoseSpot eRx interface auto-suggesting medications based on first letters typed
You can even mark down specific medications as “Favorites,” straight down to the type and formulation, to have them appear on your prescription dashboard for streamlined selection.
Saving eRx as Favorite medication in Dosespot for Practice-Web

Access to the SureScripts Network

Dosespot is part of SureScripts, the world’s largest eRx network. It processes 77 percent of the nation’s electronic prescriptions and automatically feeds a wealth of information to you. For example, you can download a patient’s complete SureScripts medication history to see what someone has taken to guide you in your prescribing decisions. Insurance benefit information is available for nearly three-quarters of the population too, allowing you to select covered medications and avoid repeat contacts trying to find alternatives.

Tens of thousands of pharmacies are included as well, making it easy to send prescriptions to your patient’s preferred one.

list of SureScripts Pharmacies

Lexicomp Online for Dentistry

DoseSpot is the ONLY dental eRx application that offers access to Lexicomp Online for Dentistry, and the integration is seamless here too. Simply tap the Lexicomp button within DoseSpot to view medication information and explore key dental health fields such as local anesthetic/vasoconstrictor precautions, effects on dental treatment, dental dosing for selected drug classifications, and more. This invaluable resource is normally $399 per year as a standalone service, but it’s included FREE in DoseSpot for Practice-Web.

Lexicomp Online for Dentistry Included in DoseSpot for Practice-Web

Prescribe from Anywhere

Need to prescribe while out of the office? Dentists can send an eRx quickly and easily using the Dentist Portal, a complimentary tool provided to practices with paid Support.

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