iPad Registrations and Forms

Your patients can check in, register and
complete forms right on the iPad!

Automated Patient Intake and Forms

Go paperless and streamline all your forms processes, from patient check-in through medical history updates and consent forms. With Practice-Web’s iPad Forms and Check-In, your office tablet becomes a patient kiosk that automates check-ins, presents patients with the forms they need, empowers patients to submit snapshots of insurance cards and headshots, and instantly presents information in Practice-Web for your team’s review, boosting productivity, eliminating errors, and reducing liability for your practice.

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Streamline Workflows

iPad Forms and Check-In is designed to work seamlessly with all your patient workflows. New patient forms, health history updates, consent forms, any other form, including custom forms, that you need filled out can be completed and signed via the app. Because it’s all automatically stored in Practice-Web, there is no manual entry and no papers to manage, so your entire office receives access to the new data instantly.

snapshot of the ipad app showing patient forms to be filled out

Automate the Check-In Process

The app recognizes patients based on their last name and birthday and matches them to their appointment that day. All forms the patient needs are automatically presented to the patient and Practice-Web checks in the patient for you as they complete their paperwork.

screenshot of Practice-Web indicating that the iPad app has already checked a patient in and has added the patient to the virtual waiting room

Free Office Staff to Focus on Patient Care and Production

Everything, from inputting medical histories through medications and even taking patient headshots and scanning insurance cards can be handled by the patient through iPad Forms and Check-In and imports directly into Practice-Web. This alone can save hours per day that team members can apply to patient care and production.

screenshot of the patient check-in screen on an ipad

Boost Accuracy and Reduce Liability

With iPad Forms and Check-In, there’s no more deciphering messy handwriting, errors from manual entry, or papers to manage, plus the system automatically prompts patients to complete any required information they’ve missed, ensuring you have a complete and accurate record every time while reducing liability for your practice.

Screenshot of the personal information screen for patients on the app

Take Your Forms Online

iPad Forms and Check-In allows you to take your patient forms beyond the in-office kiosk by placing individual forms or packets on your website. This allows patients to complete their paperwork in advance of an appointment, saving even more time and allowing your team to be even more prepared for each appointment.

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Your Practice-Web Forms Options at a Glance

Practice-Web has multiple forms options, making it easy for your dental office to tap into the right technology for your needs and streamline your unique workflows.

The core Practice-Web practice management software comes with Paperless and Online forms already integrated. These forms can be sent to your patients digitally to complete on their own devices, completed via your in-office kiosk, or signed with a Topaz signature pad or similar device. Learn more here.

The iPad Forms and Check-In Smart Tool works similarly but offers additional efficiency-boosting features, such as automated patient check-ins and the ability to have patients take their own snapshots.

Offices leveraging the Practice-Web Online Scheduling Smart Tool will have access to additional Online Forms that naturally integrate within the patient appointment workflow. Learn more here.