iPad Registrations and Forms

Your patients can check in, register and
complete forms right on the iPad!

Streamline Patient Forms

Go paperless and streamline your patient check-in, registration and forms with PatientEnroll! Simply hand your patients an iPad when they walk in. All forms for the patient’s appointment will appear in the iPad, whether it is patient registration, a treatment consent or anything else. Patients can quickly complete each form on the iPad, take pictures of their driver’s license and insurance card, and sign electronically! All information is instantly available in Practice-Web for your staff’s review. Prevent costly entry errors and increase staff productivity!

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All Standard and Custom Forms on the iPad

We’re not just talking about patient registration. Patients can complete all of your patient forms on the iPad, including registration, medical history, financial agreements, HIPAA, treatment consents and more. Also, if the standard forms provided in Practice-Web are not enough, create custom forms and add them to the list for iPad completion!

Check In, Automated

As soon as a patient enters his or her last name and birthdate, the patient is automatically checked in within Practice-Web. Streamline your check in process with PatientEnroll!

Simple and Fast Completion of Forms

PatientEnroll is unbelievably user-friendly and makes forms a breeze for your patients. They simply click on each form listed for completion, complete each section, and use the familiar iPad interface to enter their information. Many of the questions, such as insurance company and wireless carrier, have drop-down lists to choose from!

Take Images of Self, Driver’s License and Insurance Card

Patients can even take photos of themselves, their driver’s licenses and insurance cards with the iPad. No need to get those items from the patient, scan them, and return the items. Let the patients do it on their own!

Sign Forms and Submit Them Instantly to Practice-Web

Patients can sign all forms electronically on the iPad. After they are done with each form, they simply click submit to send them instantly to your Practice-Web. Then, when they are all done, patients will hand the iPad back to your front office staff.

No Manual Data Entry

Other vendors who have iPad apps for patient forms merely save a PDF copy of the completed forms in your practice management software and then require you to manually enter the data. Not so with PatientEnroll. All information is automatically entered into the patient’s profile in Practice-Web!