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High Quality Imaging and X-rays

Practice-Web offers excellent digital imaging and x-ray systems at affordable prices. Whether you are looking for digital x-rays, intraoral cameras, digital panoramic, or portable x-ray systems, we have what you need. We only partner with the highest quality manufacturers, and our long-standing relationships with them allow us to offer you the best. For pricing and package deals, please contact us at 800.845.9379, Option 1 or

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  • Digital X-ray

    RIOSensor RIS500

    The RIOSensor RIS500 by Ray (a Samsung company) delivers high-resolution digital x-rays, superior durability and a streamlined workflow. Whether you currently use film or an older generation of intraoral sensors, the RIOSensor will provide you exceptionally clear images, improved staff efficiency, and a positive return on your investment. RIOSensor is the solution that will propel your practice into the world of digital imaging, and it stands apart from the competition. Read the Product Brochure for detailed information.

    RIOView, a RIOSensor software, offers a variety of features to meet your diagnostic needs. RIOView has the ability to confirm all patient's information, acquire images, and view radiographs from a single centralized location, which provides a more efficient digital workflow. Also, modify your images and save them with multiple configurations: Image processing only takes a few simple clicks and includes a variety of filters for any diagnostic need, and provides the ability to save the images with modifications. In addition, your practice can conveniently transfer data to any mobile device within your clinic.

    The RIOSensor provides sharp and crystal-clear images by maximizing the active area using the CMOS APS. In addition, proprietary algorithms significantly reduce the image noise and scatter, resulting in high contrast. Detailed images are provided by using the cesium iodide (Csl) scintillator. True image resolution of 20.0Lp/mm, and theoretical resolution 25.0Lp/mm. Also, FMX functionality provides the convenience of extracting a full mouth series from a patient’s panoramic image.

    The RIOSensor’s ergonomic design minimizes discomfort for patients. Different sizes are also available for general and pediatric dentistry. Size 1 is for pediatric patients or adult patients with limit opening, and size 2 is for general dentistry.

    Ray continues to implement superior engineering processes so that it delivers the most durable and reliable product possible. The robotic joint cable attached to the RIOSensor prevents the cable from tearing. The sensors are designed to absorb any shock from incidental bites or impacts, while eliminating inline controls which can serve as an additional point of failure. Finally, the device is completely water-tight. You have a choice of disinfection methods (spraying, dipping and more).

  • Intraoral Cameras

    Owandy Real Hi-T

    Straightforward, light and multifunctional, the Owandy Real Hi-T camera gives you true-to-life images. Its durable composite hand-piece is easy to grasp and maneuver, plus it has all the most up to-date technological innovations, making the Real Hi-T a top-of the-line camera.Please read the Product Brochure and the Product Datasheet for detailed information.

    Five LEDs evenly distributed around the lens flood the buccal cavity with light, and the auto-focus discreetly ensures optimal distance setting. The image, which is digitized at source via a High Tech CDD sensor, reproduces every detail in natural color.

    With images to show your patients, you can explain and support your diagnosis rom the screen. Digital processing makes understanding easier, which encourage immediate acceptance of your recommendations. After the patient’s visit, before and after pictures attest to the quality of your work. Real Hi-T offers real support, whether you are giving a lecture, communicating with a colleague or dealing with a laboratory. And it is user friendly.

    Real Hi-T instantly shows the captured images and with a single click allows you to freeze and archive the images you consider essential. Your camera is also a multi use photo camera: take portraits to personalize your patient files or to foster more effective communication with your technicians.

    Video or digital, the Real Hi-T camera connects via USB port to any PC in your practice, allowing for ingenious resource sharing. It can also be used in independent mode.

    Selected, framed and retouched, each image is archived in the patient file, to be easily consulted or future treatment. You can also send images via Internet or print them for patients or technicians.

    Ora Cam

    The Ora Cam provides the perfect digital image through high density 1.3 Mega Pixels. It comes with the powerful Bundle Viewer Software. The camera has a direct connection to your PC with a USB Interface. The camera probe is easy to move from chair to chair by detachable one tough type connector. More compact, slimmer and ergonomic design of the camera head makes it easy to capture the images of molars and even teeth of child. Wide field of view (67°).

    The various range of image focusing such as full face, full mouth, intraoral image can be captured by smooth focus control knob. Easy to capture any image with the freezing button on probe efficiently. When the probe is removed from holder, power turns "on". And when probe is back on holder, power turns "off". Anti-Fog function included. Please read the Product Brochure for detailed information.

    Ashtel Cam Wireless

    With the Ashtel Cam Wireless, you can capture superior intraoral images using a Sony 2.0 megapixel CCD with high speed autofocus and 6 ultra-bright LEDs. This camera saves up to 28 images and has a simple installation with an all-in-one receiver that connects to a TV, PC monitor, or computer. It also integrates with most imaging software. The Quadvision image capture allows side-by-side comparison of images as you capture them. You can scroll through your image library to review or delete individual images. Also, with the Picture Memory Remote, you can manage your stored images without touching the camera. The remote frees you from the handpiece and gives you visual control of your images.

  • Digital Panoramic

    Rayscan Expert

    Capture digital panoramic images with Rayscan Expert! The mounting of 2 dedicated detectors provides the best image quality. Rayscan Expert comes with enhanced image diagnosis functionality. For example, DICOM 3.0 is supported for 16-bit high-resolution image diagnosis. Also, there are various multi-view functions which allow even more convenient diagnosis and efficient consultation.

    The touch environment of the Rayscan Expert provides an easy-to-use interface. One click allows you to locate the desired results. The modern and sophisticated graphics enhance both dentist and patient satisfaction. Also, the touch environment allows for use with a tablet PC.

    There is a convenient patient and image search function. Periodical and patient search by modality functions are supported to enable simpler search of the applicable patient. You can also use the image search function by modality to find the applicable image even faster.

    Rayscan Expert supports enhanced implant simulation. The image-based implant library is used for easy additional of implants from various manufacturers. The implant color-changing function provides more efficient consultation, minimal preparation time and enhanced user convenience.

    SMARTDent software with Rayscan Expert supports the management and diagnosis of the CT/Panorama/Cephalo/Intraoral Sensor/Intraoral Camera images. You can use SMARTDent anywhere in the clinic and intraoral camera image acquisition. Also, the optional SMARTDent Web provides convenient use in PC, Tablet and smart phone. It is compatible with all recent operating systems and provides an optimal viewing experience via responsive web design. This works on a local network only (not via internet access).

    With Xelis 3-D software, panoramic images and cross-sectional images are provided. Also, you get MPR, MP, X-ray, VR and shading images. This software includes nerve canal drawing function and a function for saving and sharing work course. Comes with DISCOME printer and CD/DVD burning function.

    Owandy I-Max Touch

    With Owandy I-Max Touch, enjoy the simplicity and functionality of a digital panoramic that opens up a new world of working comfort and efficiency! The tactile, intuitive digital sixth sense technology lets you save precious time. Enjoy complete compatibility between QuickVision software and the panoramic x-ray unit. The I-Max Touch interface is the same as in your QuickVision imaging software. All image processing and management features are immediately available. Please read the Product Brochure , Tomography Sheet and Dimensions for detailed information.

    Patient positioning in just a few seconds. The patient is kept perfectly in place so the operator, guided by light beams (Frankfurt and midsagittal planes), can place the patient quickly in the ideal position. The patient is guided by the head rests and bite-block.

    User-friendly at all times: No waiting for the patient or the treatment team. Diagnosis is possible immediately on the screen. Twelve complete and intuitive programs for fast, high-definition processing of your images.

    Removable sensor: cephalometry in economic mode. Choose between an economical cephalometry or two fixed sensors for panoramic and cephalometric functions. Sharing resources is central to your office, whatever your configuration: Storage on USB memory stick-network operation. The I-Max Touch enhances the workflow speed. The I-Max Touch has a panoramic control panel. The software ergonomics have been designed for a tactile and intuitive use of all functions. You can operate the I-Max Touch with your fingertips. The LCD touch screen provides an overall view of the many programs and an instantaneous high-definition display of the image.

    Owandy I-Max Touch 3D

    The I-Max Touch 3D is the evolution of the I-Max Touch, a panoramic unit that is well respected among practitioners. Aside from its refined design, elegance, user-friendliness, image quality and reliability, the I-Max Touch 3D offers the best adapted volume for dental use to date. Please read the Product Brochure, Tomography Sheet and Dimensions for detailed information.

    Thanks to its 9.3 cm diameter, 8.3 cm high volume, the I-Max Touch 3D guarantees the capture of the entire jaw with a single exposure, including impacted molars and regardless of the patient morphology. Contrasted and in high definition, the image generated with the Flat Panel sensor allows the practitioner to realize a very precise diagnosis in a few seconds.

    The I-Max Touch 3D panoramic unit is a progressive, cost-effective solution that produces high quality images.It offers the possibility of conducting 3D examinations and also of acquiring true panoramic X-Rays (without reconstruction from the 3D volume) and cephalometric images (optional).

    I-Max Touch 3D has joined forces with the best 3D implant planning software, SimPlant. It is a reliable, user-friendly system that enables you to plan an implant procedure quickly, accurately and effectively (instant display of compatible implants and abutments and SurgiGuide drill guides). Equipped with a library of more than 8000 implants spanning 90 different brands, an accurate mandibular nerve creation tool, SimPlant offers the best 3D diagnostic and (implant) treatment tools available on the market. SimPlant means fast and easy planning for every case, from single tooth restorations to fully edentulous jaws, whether seemingly straightforward or challenging both from a surgical and prosthetic point of view. Another great part of investing in the I-Max Touch 3D is that SimPlant Pro is INCLUDED - a $12,000 program FREE.

  • Portable X-ray Unit

    Dexcowin iRay D3 Dental

    The iRay D3 takes dental radiography to a whole new level. With the ergonomic design of the iRay D3 you can point and shoot like a camera. The iRay D3 works with film, digital sensors and PS (photostimulable phosphor) plates. The iRay D3 is wireless, handheld, and completely mobile thus eliminating the need for designated X-ray machine rooms. Please read the Product Brochure for detailed information.

    With the iRay D3 every room is an X-ray room! The iRay D3 is unlike conventional wall-mount and portable X-ray systems. The iRay D3 is hand held, lightweight, rechargeable, safe, and is completely mobile. The iRay D3 is dental professionals’ preferred X-ray system in and out of the office.

    Camera like mobility and handheld design allows system to be used in any room. Ideal for use with children, special needs patients, clinical, hospital, home-health, nursing home, and out-of-office use. Camera design is patient “friendly” just point and click.

    Safe to hold by hand. 1/7 the radiation exposure then conventional systems. Rechargeable Li-poly batteries allow up to 300 images on a single charge. Works with any radiographic medium: film, digital sensor, PS plates. Operator Safe: Certified as SAFE TO USE BY HAND.

    The iRay D3 cost less than conventional systems. The iRay D3 does not need special construction in terms of shielded rooms, chemical development and dedicating rooms for X-ray. The iRay D3 in conjunction with the Rex2 sensor eliminate development charges, time spent developing film, and postage to mail images to insurance providers as well as X-ray tech time.

    We also offer a 5-jointed stand arm for which you can mount the iRay D mobile X-ray. The iRay D can be fixed to a mobile cart so you still preserve the portable characteristics of the iRay D system. With an included remote control you satisfy any operator who still feels uneasiness with being in the same room as an X-ray machine.