Treatment Plans

Practice-Web helps you present cases effectively
to boost your acceptance rate.

Boost Case Acceptance

Successful case presentation begins with patient education. Practice-Web helps you do just that with a 3-D chart showing the proposed treatment and a clear breakdown of insurance coverage and patient responsibility. Once the patient accepts a case, you can quickly get an electronic signature and save a copy of the plan. If a case is declined, you can save it for future presentation. You can also submit pre-authorization claims right from the treatment plan module to make sure your procedures are reimbursed.

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Present Cases They Can't Refuse

Presenting a case is easy and effective with our Treatment Plan module. Clearly prioritize the most urgent procedures and create multiple treatment options. Use the 3-D tooth chart to show your patient the planned treatment and the benefits breakdown to explain insurance coverage and out-of-pocket responsibility, along with any discounts. Clarity leads to case acceptance.

Electronically Sign and Save Accepted Cases

Ensure clarity by saving your patient’s treatment options and recording exactly what was presented. Patients can electronically sign the accepted case, and the signature is saved in Practice-Web. Email or print the accepted plan to your patient for his or her records.

Save Declined Cases for Future Presentation

If a patient declines proposed treatment, move the procedures to an inactive treatment plan. Practice-Web will neatly tuck away the procedures instead of deleting them. Revive the declined treatment if the patient chooses to move forward with them at a later date.

Ensure Coverage with Pre-Authorization

After proposing a treatment, you want to focus on patient care instead of worrying about reimbursement. You can determine insurance coverage of your fees by sending a pre-authorization claim electronically or via regular mail. Track the claim in the Pre-Authorizations section by patient or in the Outstanding Insurance Claims report.