Paperless and Online Forms

Customize patient forms and make them
paperless with Practice-Web!

Patient-Friendly Forms

Whether it’s patient registration or a treatment consent, patient forms are critical to record the right information and agreements. Practice-Web makes this process patient-friendly and efficient. Your office can customize forms, provide the forms online, and have in-office forms completed on the iPad. These options provide maximum convenience to patients for maximum satisfaction. Also, if the forms are completed online or on the iPad, the data is instantly available in the patient’s account, saving staff time and avoiding costly entry errors!

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Patient Forms Built for Your Practice

Tailor your patient forms to get the information and consents you need! Practice-Web offers several default forms ready for use or customization, including patient registration, medical history, HIPAA, financial agreements, consents and more. You can also create unique forms from scratch. Once done, print the forms or use the online or iPad options to have them completed electronically!

Online Patient Forms

Today’s patients want online convenience. Online patient registration and forms are a breeze with Practice-Web! Simply create online versions of your existing patient forms. Provide form links to your patients, which they can access from any web browser on their computers or mobile devices. You can also add these links to your website or email them with your new patient welcome letter. After patients submit the forms online, the data appears instantly in the patient’s account in Practice-Web!

Patient-Friendly Forms on the iPad

To really impress your patients, use our iPad app for in-office patient forms. With PatientEnroll, toss your paper forms and simply hand your patients an iPad when they walk in. All forms for the patient’s appointment will appear in the iPad, whether it is patient registration, a treatment consent or anything else. Patients can quickly complete each form on the iPad, take pictures of their driver’s license and insurance card, and sign electronically! All information is instantly available in Practice-Web for your staff’s review. Prevent costly entry errors and increase staff productivity!

Electronic Signature Pad

Your best option for electronic signatures is PatientEnroll, our iPad app described above. But if you want to use a traditional signature pad instead, Practice-Web integrates with that also. You can save a patient’s consent signature in the clinical chart (the consent form and under progress notes), treatment plan, communications log, or Images section. To collect the signature, you may use a Topaz signature pad (models T-S461-HSB-R and T-L460-HSB-R). Other similar models may work as long as they are HSB and 1x5. You may also use a stylus on a Tablet PC.