Security and System Requirements

Have peace of mind with strong security options
and HIPAA-enabled features!

Secure and HIPAA-Enabled

You can sleep at night knowing that Practice-Web provides excellent security settings for your critical data. From custom user permissions on a “need to use” basis to lock dates that prevent data manipulation and backdating, we have you covered. Also, keep tabs on who did what and when with a detailed Audit Trial. Practice-Web even helps you in your quest for HIPAA compliance with strong security, secure-enabled communications, and data backups. Our minimum system requirements are very reasonable as any mid-level computer made in the last few years should work.

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Customize User Permissions and Lock Dates

Customize user permissions to limit access to data on a “need to use” basis. This helps protect patient information and avoid costly errors and fraud. With Practice-Web, you can create various user groups to assign permissions based on the employee’s role in the practice. Easily select and remove functions that the user can perform. Also, with Lock Dates you can prevent users from editing historical data or backdating new items. Lock dates can be set by user group or globally.

Track Activities with Audit Trial

Don't be in the dark and get to the bottom of it. You can precisely monitor who did what and when with Practice-Web. The Audit Trial provides a log of actions taken by all users in Practice-Web. The actions are listed by date/time and the log includes information such as the patient who was accessed or affected, the user who performed the action, the relevant security permission, the computer where the action was taken, and detailed information about the action.

Enabled for HIPAA Compliance

The responsibility for compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is on each dental office. However, Practice-Web is designed to help you become HIPAA-compliant with, for example, the security settings described above, secure-enabled communications, and data backups. Other recommended guidelines for your office include using anti-virus protection, backing up your data on a regular basis, setting up appropriate security profiles for all users, encrypting the data when on your computers and in transit, and conducting a security risk analysis.

System Requirements

Flexibility to Use Your Computers

We don't require you to have the most expensive hardware and the latest operating system to run Practice-Web. For the servers and workstations, any mid-range PC sold within the last few years should meet the requirements. However, computer speed, memory, video capability and hard drive capacity will affect Practice-Web performance.

For peak performance, we suggest having 16-32 GB RAM on your Server and 8-16 GB RAM on your Workstations. We recommend 19" or greater LCD monitors set to a minimum resolution of 1280x1024 so you can see more information. We also recommend monitors with speakers built in.

As for operating systems, Practice-Web runs on Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows Server 2016, and Windows Server 2012. Lastly, for the best access to our support and updates, you need a high-speed internet connection.