We upgrade Practice-Web to provide amazing
improvements and enhancements!

Always Ahead of the Rest

We’re never satisfied with the status quo. Although each version of Practice-Web offers the best in productivity and revenue-boosting features, we continue to find ways to improve our solution. Some vendors “bloat” their software with features and buttons and options, leading to a more frustrating user experience. Not us. We enhance Practice-Web but still keep it streamlined, simple and easy to use. Check out our latest upgrades below!

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If you’re a Practice-Web client and would like to get the latest upgrade, please follow these instructions. Also, click here to read about the incredible enhancements and improvements in our latest upgrade!

Amazing Features in Upgrades

We always add productivity and revenue-boosting features in every upgrade of Practice-Web. Our upgrades keep you “ahead of the curve.” Here are a few examples of recent enhancements:

  • A timeline slider on the dental tooth chart showing historical changes.
  • Organize appointments by custom types, instead of provider color (e.g., emergency appts = red, cash patients = green).
  • Quickly add procedures in the Account module for over-the-counter items like hygiene products.
  • See unbilled procedures and create a claim without leaving the send claims screen.
  • Filtering of unscheduled appointments by procedure.
  • Listing approved treatment plans at the top of the Treatment Plan module.

Click here for a detailed list of recent enhancements!