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Always Ahead of the Rest

We’re never satisfied with the status quo. Although each version of Practice-Web offers the best in productivity and revenue-boosting features, we continue to find ways to improve our solution. Some vendors “bloat” their software with features and buttons and options, leading to a more frustrating user experience. Not us. We enhance Practice-Web but still keep it streamlined, simple and easy to use. Check out our latest upgrades below!

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If you’re a Practice-Web client and would like to get the latest upgrade, please follow these instructions. Also, click here to read or watch a video about the great enhancements in our latest upgrade - Version 22.3!

Amazing Features in Upgrades

We always add productivity and revenue-boosting features in every upgrade of Practice-Web. Our upgrades keep you “ahead of the curve.” Here are a few examples of recent enhancements:

  • Mobile Patient Forms
  • Custom Email Templates Using Raw HTML
  • Hover Over an Operatory to View Production
  • Waiting Room Alert Time
  • Holidays Not Overwritten when Pasting Schedules
  • Prophy/Perio Past Due in Appointment View
  • New Commands for Voice Perio Charting
  • New Display Fields in the Treatment Plan
  • Prepayments to Treatment Planned Procedures
  • Write-Off Report Option in More Reports
  • ERA (Electronic EOB) Enhancements
  • Patient Dashboard
  • Quick Access to Online User’s Guide

Click here for a detailed list of recent enhancements!