Appointments are your dental office’s “engine.”
Give your engine peak performance with Practice-Web!

Optimize Appointments

Appointments are the “engine” of any successful dental office. You want to keep your schedule full and have an efficient clinic. You also want to prevent no-shows and cancellations, and increase appointments. Below are a few ways how Practice-Web can help you get there.

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Make Appointments Quickly

Creating an appointment is fast and easy! Find open slots with our filtered search or select a time slot. Practice-Web guides you through the rest: Enter the patient’s name in the Select Patient screen. Then, choose the account from the filtered list or create a new one. Next, add the procedures in the Edit Appointment screen, including any treatment planned items and quick add procedures. Voila’ – you’ve scheduled an appointment!

Fill Your Chairs

Practice-Web offers five revenue-boosting appointment lists! With these lists, you can schedule recalls and send reminders, contact patients to come in for scheduled appointments, follow up with anyone who missed an appointment, book patients with treatment planned procedures, and contact patients who want to be seen sooner. Keep your schedule full with these appointment lists.

Critical Information at a Glance

See the information you need fast! Create custom schedule views with detailed patient info and production figures. Highlight critical info in each appointment such as urgent medical alerts, insurance plans with unsent claims, and treatment planned procedures. Business is neatly summarized in the daily production section. Got a top-secret, staff-only language? Use the custom Patient Field feature to include that, too.

What’s the Status?

Track your patient’s confirmation, arrival, and in-office status with color-coded icons. Before a patient arrives, find out what efforts have been made to confirm the appointment. After a patient checks in, use the Waiting Room feature to alert the back office that a patient is ready for treatment. When ready, the back office can update the status to indicate that they’ve started or completed care.

Boost Confirmations and Online Reviews

Use our next-level solution pwConnect to text and email automated appointment reminders and confirmations. Patients can confirm via text, which automatically updates your schedule, or text back and forth with your office to reschedule. Get social media savvy with pwReviews, which allows you to get reviews after each appointment via text. Automatically post good reviews to your website and social media to get more patients in the door!