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Our mission is to help your dental
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We Exist to Serve You

We never forget why Practice-Web exists. Through our practice management solutions, we strive to put your dental office in the best position to succeed. Since 1988, our team has worked tirelessly to help more than 1,700 dentists around the country improve how they schedule, treat and bill their patients. Join us and we will go above and beyond for you. Practice-Web and its mission are defined by our Core Values below.

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Practice-Web’s Core Values

Help Dentists Thrive

Everything Practice-Web does, from creating innovative and powerful practice management solutions to providing extraordinary client service, is with one goal in mind: Helping dentists thrive. We are not here simply to sell a good product and make a profit. Our team exists to help your practice take a leap forward and go to the next level. That means increasing appointments, boosting your staff’s productivity, providing better clinical treatment, making your patients happy, and of course improving your bottom line. We also remember that, in an indirect but significant way, we are serving your patients.

Be Compassionate and Understanding

We strive to put ourselves in the shoes of our dental clients and understand their desires and concerns. Our team listens carefully, sympathizes with your situation, and comes up with the best solution to get you from point A to point B. You are not just another number or “revenue stream” when you join the Practice-Web family. We deeply care that you are able to maximize the potential of our solutions and that you succeed. Our team will go at the speed of your office and comprehension, whether it is during product demos, training, or support.

Innovate and Get Creative

Practice-Web is always coming up with new and improved ways to help your office thrive. Whether it is adding an innovative iPad app to streamline your patient forms or a texting system to boost your online reviews, we take advantage of the latest technology with the goal to make your life easier and improve your revenue. Also, when it comes issues that may arise when using Practice-Web, our team thinks outside the box and gets creative to find a solution.

Be Positive and Energize Everyone

Running a successful dental practice is hard work. So is supporting thousands of dental offices. That’s why our team brings a positive spirit to service each and every day. We motivate our team members as well as our clients to bring their “A game.” We also know that there is a solution to every issue and we will get there together. And when our clients are feeling overburdened by everything that needs to get done, our team energizes them to keep going.

Pursue Growth and Prepare Others

Practice-Web and its offerings constantly evolve and in order to provide the best solutions to our dental clients. We believe in the adage of “grow or perish.” Instead of holding on to old technology or outdated ways of doing business, Practice-Web is always ready for the next challenge in dentistry and the next innovation in software. Also, our team members develop their own technical and interpersonal skills in order to prepare our clients to succeed.

Have Integrity and Be Accountable

Practice-Web stands behind all of our products and services.  When we say we can do something for you and by a particular time, our team will try our absolute best to get it done.  You can always hold us accountable.  We will do right by you in all situations, whether it is providing a package deal, giving detailed training, going the extra mile to resolve an issue, or how we bill for our products.  That is integrity, and we live by it.

Communicate Clearly and Honestly

Our team strives to be transparent when communicating with our clients. In an area like dental practice management software, it’s easy to get lost in the technical “weeds.” We don’t confuse you with unnecessary computer jargon, but try to simply explain how to best use our solution and what it will take to solve any issues that arise. We are also clear when it comes to setting the right expectations. We will tell you how our products can boost your office’s productivity and revenue as well as what we do not offer. Clarity and honesty are critical to a long-lasting relationship, and that’s what we’ve built with hundreds of dentists over the years.

Embrace Diversity and Build a Family Spirit

Practice-Web welcomes dentists and dental offices of all varieties and needs. We have clients ranging from solo practitioners to multiple clinic dental service organizations and everything in between. Also, our clients come from diverse backgrounds, ethnicities and languages. We believe that diversity only makes our family richer and more innovative. Our team also imbibes a family spirit in everything we do. You are not just a customer but a “client” when you are with us. We try to care for you the way we care for our closest family.