Imaging and X-rays

Organize and view all patient images in
one place with Practice-Web.

Powerful Imaging

Patient files contain more than just tooth charts and progress notes. They include clinical images and x-rays, driver’s licenses and insurance cards, registration, medical history and other forms, billing statements and more. Practice-Web makes it easy to save and organize patient images in one place. Also, see the images you need in other sections of Practice-Web and automatically save copies of important records like signed forms and tooth charts.

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All Records in One Place

It’s easy to find and review your patients’ files with our images module. All records are neatly organized in customizable categories. Whether it’s a patient’s driver’s license or insurance card, clinical images, or signed forms and treatment plans, they’re all accessible in one place. What could be easier than that?

Import or Capture Images

To add images to Practice-Web, you can import the files from your computer and save them to the right categories. You can also use more than 60 program links to directly integrate your imaging software and data with Practice-Web, including Dexis, Schick, Trophy/Carestream and more!

Go Paperless by Scanning Records

Want to make the leap to a paperless office but have a lot of paper files? You can scan existing files directly into Practice-Web! Simply click on the single or multi-page buttons in the Images toolbar to launch the scanner and get going.

Save and Use Images Throughout Practice-Web

Important records, such as signed treatment plans, billing statements and dental charts, can be automatically saved to the imaging module. Also, you can use saved images in patient forms, charting and other modules in Practice-Web.