Smart Caller ID

Make profitable decisions on every
patient call with Smart Caller ID!

Real-Time Decisions for Increased Revenue

In a fast-paced dental office, your staff needs to make quick decisions with patients based on reliable information! With Smart Caller ID, your staff will instantly see critical appointment, insurance, account and treatment information whenever your patients call. Call Logs make sure that you never lose another opportunity for new patients and appointments. And with Insurance Verification, you get real-time eligibility and benefits information daily and with every patient call!

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Critical Information with Every Patient Call

When patients call your practice, Smart Caller ID instantly shows critical patient information from Practice-Web such as future appointments, remaining insurance benefits, family members, patient referrals, account balance, outstanding treatment plans and medical alerts so you can make real-time decisions! Your front office staff can click on any category to see a complete breakdown of detailed information. This saves an enormous amount of time, which in turn saves money, improves efficiency and helps maximize your revenue. Also, Smart Caller ID eliminates clerical errors when adding new patients to Practice-Web.

Capture All Patient Calls and Potential Revenue

Never miss another patient call again! With Call Logs, you can pre-screen calls and maintain a daily log of all incoming calls. Your staff can use the Call Logs to add new patients, suppliers, contacts, and new numbers to existing patients. Also, you can document all calls with notes inside of Practice-Web’s communication log for the patient! Call Logs will help you reduce missed opportunities for appointments and revenue that cost your practice thousands of dollars each year. Plug the revenue leakage in your practice today!

Verify Insurance Eligibility and Benefits in Real-Time

Real-time insurance verification is an incredibly powerful tool. It's instantly available via Smart Caller ID. This service can be completely automated, with patients verified by the time your practice opens each day. Get up-to-the minute information for insurance eligibility and benefits. This information also becomes instantly available the moment a patient calls the office via the Smart Caller ID pop-up. This tool supports and has access to over 100 insurance companies.