Get paid for treatment more often and
on time with ProPay’s pay-by-text!

Boost Cash Flow with Pay-by-Text

Speed up and boost your cash flow with ProPay’s pay-by-text! Practice-Web was the first practice management software to offer pay-by-text to dental offices. Your patients can make payments anytime, anywhere on their mobile devices where they are most reachable. Sending payment requests via text results in a much higher and faster payment rate. You can also automatically send payment requests after receiving insurance reimbursement or on a recurring charge basis!

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One-Click Mobile Payments

With pay-by-text, your patients can pay outstanding balances from their mobile devices. Your office can even send automatic payment requests after receiving insurance reimbursement for a treatment or on a recurring basis according to a payment plan. Mobile payments are quick and easy. No usernames or passwords required. Patients simply click on the payment link, make payment and get a receipt via email.

Pay-by-Text Integrated with Practice-Web

Pay-by-text is fully integrated with Practice-Web! To sign up, simply click on the pay-by-text button in the Account module, enter your account and deposit information, and submit. To do a single pay-by-text request, go to the patient’s account, click on the payment button and then send the request. To get payment after posting a reimbursement, send the request from the claim screen. All mobile payments will appear in the patient’s account ledger.

Competitive Rates and No Extra Fees

ProPay offers competitive rates for pay-by-text and provides good customer service. There are no setup fees, registration fees, or monthly minimums. PayConnect accepts all major credit cards and provides card swiper equipment.