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Boost Cash Flow with Pay-by-Text

As the first practice management software to offer pay-by-text to dental offices, Practice-Web's innovative patient payment solutions accelerate cash flow, increase collections, and improve patient happiness.

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Send Payment Requests Quickly

Powered by Global Payments, the premier payment solutions provider that’s trusted by 4.1 million companies in more than 170 countries, Practice-Web’s Pay-by-Text tool is integrated throughout the software, so you can send payment requests whenever. Shoot patients a link in the office for a contactless payment experience, send a note as insurance reimbursements come in, or even set up recurring payments.

Get Paid in Minutes

The average person checks their phone once every ten minutes and 95% of texts are responded to within three minutes. With stats like these, it’s no wonder up to 50% pay within an hour and up to 32% pay within five minutes. Pay-by-Text requires no special log-in information and allows patients to pay their balances anywhere it’s convenient for them with just a few taps. Depending on your chosen settings, self-service financing options may also be displayed for patients to provide your office with instant payment and help them clear their balances quickly in confidence.

Pay-by-text patient screens in Practice-Web

Record Payments Automatically

Pay-by-text is fully integrated with Practice-Web, so all payments are automatically recorded in the patient ledger to save you time while reducing errors.

patient payment automatically recorded in Practice-Web