Dentist and Patient Portals

Access key information and allow your patients
to see theirs from any device.

Access Practice-Web, Anywhere

Sometimes you need to access important practice information when you’re out of the office. With the Dentist Portal, you can check appointments, analyze production and income, review patient information, monitor patient satisfaction and more, right from your mobile device or computer. With the Patient Portal, your patients can check and confirm appointments, review account balances, check prescriptions, contact the dentist and more without calling the office.

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Dentist Portal

Review Appointments and Production

Use the Dentist Portal to look at your office’s daily appointments whether you’re in town or out of the office. Also keep tabs on critical production and income statistics like daily production, adjustments, write-offs, patient income and insurance income.

Access Patient Information

Need to research a patient but not in the office? No problem. Pull up patients on your phone to check contact information, prescriptions, account balances, notes and more. This is very helpful to discuss clinical care, billing and follow-up with your staff and patients.

Prescribe from Anywhere

Need to prescribe while out of the office? Dentists using DoseSpot, our electronic prescribing Smart Tool, can send an eRx quickly and easily through the Dentist Portal.

Monitor Patient Satisfaction

Keep an eye on patient satisfaction on your phone by checking comments and ratings sent via our online patient reviews service, pwReviews.

Patient Portal

View and Confirm Appointments, Balances and More

Instead of calling or emailing your office, patients can view upcoming appointments, current balances, and prescriptions on their mobile devices or computers. They can also confirm appointments and contact the dentist using the portal.